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Excel Holiday Dinner Planner

The workbook has a timetable you can use to plan holiday meals. Enter the dinner time, then list all the food items that you plan to serve, along with their preparation steps.

Excel will calculate the start time for each preparation step, and you can print the plan to help you stay organized.

Use the Holiday Dinner Planner

1. Enter the Dinner Time

The first step is to select a dinner time from the drop down list, which was created with Data Validation.

select dinner time

2. Enter the Details

Next, enter all the preparation steps for each food that you'll serve, with the time required for each step.

enter preparation steps

3. Sort the List

Next, select a cell in the Start Time column, and sort the list, from smallest to largest.

sort the meal list

4. Print the Schedule

Then you can print the plan or the timeline, and get started on dinner.

print the dinner schedule

Sheets include:

  • Dinner Planner
  • Printed Plan
  • Preparation Timeline
  • Lists (used for data validation drop down)

Download a zipped file:

Excel Holiday Dinner Planner for Excel 2007

Excel Holiday Dinner Planner for Excel 2003 and earlier versions

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