Beyond the Keyboard

After you spend all day working at the computer, it's nice to explore other topics. Here are links to a few of the non-Excel things that interest me


I've made hundreds of Excel videos, so when I get a new gadget, sometimes I make a video about using it too. This FoodSaver video has been popular, for a few years now.

To see a few more of my gadget videos, go to the Gadget Videos page on this site, where you can see my Instant Pot and Keurig videos, and a couple more FoodSaver vacuum sealer how-tos. go to top

Gluten Free Living

Gluten intolerance is a concern for some members of my family, and I've collected a list of cookbooks and products that we've enjoyed. go to top


During the long Canadian winter, or on a hot summer day, it's relaxing to curl up with a good book. This page has a list of reading related links. go to top


An enjoyable summer activity is gardening. You can see the progress (or lack of progress) of my garden. go to top


I have a fairly large collection of cookbooks, and am especially interested in Canadian ones. This page has a list of favourite cookbooks and other cooking info that I've enjoyed. go to top


A fairly new hobby, and one that I practise by taking pictures of the garden, food and a very cute grandson and granddaughter. This page has a few photos, and a list of photography related links.go to top

My Other Sites

Business: See more behind the scenes details on my Debra's Blog. I talk about other aspects of running an online business, and some of the tools that I use.

Cooking: When I find recipes that we enjoy, I post them on my What's For Supper blog. Every weekend, I create a meal plan too, for the upcoming week.

Humour: We all need to laugh occasionally, so I find entertaining tweets about Excel, and post them on my Excel Theatre blog.

Related Links


Cooking info

Gluten Free info

Photography links

Reading Links

Gadget Videos


Free Pivot Table Tools


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