Power BI Course Review

This is a review of Mynda Treacy's online Power BI course, which she opens 3-4 times each year, on her website -- My Online Training Hub.


NOTE: There is only a 2 week registration period for each session, and then registration closes for a few months. If you want to register, don't delay or you will miss out!

In addition to the full course, Mynda offers a free Power BI Webinar. You'll see what the Power BI tools can do, and you'll learn a few new skills. After that, if you're ready for more, you can sign up for the full Power BI course.

Power BI Webinar

Why I Recommend This Course

Here are the top reasons that I recommend Mynda Treacy's Power BI Course

  1. You will learn from an experienced accountant, who shows how to build Power BI reports that focus on the numbers, not the fluff.
  2. You will save time -- The video tutorials are short and to the point, and move at a brisk pace
  3. Avoid time-wasting mistakes -- Learn how to set things up correctly in Power BI, to avoid running into annoying problems later, and spending hours fixing them
  4. You learn by doing -- The videos cover key steps and concepts, and follow a logical path. As you go along, practise the techniques in the sample files.
  5. You can add other Excel skills -- There are optional course bundles, so you can also learn Power Query, Power Pivot and Excel Dashboards, if needed.
  6. You get ongoing support -- The course includes 6 weeks of dedicated support and feedback from Mynda, and continued support after that initial period.

If that's the kind of Power BI training that you want, sign up now.

Not For Beginners

This course is not for Excel beginners -- you should have a good understanding of the core Excel features and formulas first, before you dive into the Power BI tools.

Mynda designed her Power BI course for intermediate and advanced Excel users. It is geared to people who enjoy going at their own pace -- watching a short instructional video, then practising the new skills.

NOTE: If you are not familiar with the Power Query tool (also called Get & Transform), Mynda recommends that you get a course bundle that includes the Power Query lessons.

What Will You Learn

Mynda gave me access to her Power BI Course, and the content is excellent. Here's what you get:

  • There are 6 hours of video tutorials, broken into short chunks, so you can go at your own pace. The average video is about 6 minutes long.
  • Download the sample files and data, to practise what you learn.
  • Download the completed Power BI Desktop files, to use for reference, and to check your work
  • Lesson tracking, so you know what you've completed
  • Certificate of Completion, to show your employer, or add to your résumé
  • Student support forum, where you can ask questions and see other students' questions and replies

Listed below are the main sections in the course. The first 2 sections cover the fundamental concepts, and Mynda shows how Power BI works. After that, you dive in and create your own Power BI dashboards.

  1. Quick Start Power BI Service
  2. Getting and Transforming Data with Power BI Desktop
  3. Modeling with Power BI
  4. Power BI Desktop Visualisations
  5. Power BI Service Visualisation Tools
  6. Publishing and Sharing
  7. Refreshing Datasets
  8. Power BI and Excel Together

Before You Start the Course

The Power BI Course moves at a brisk pace, and to get the most value from it:

  • You should have intermediate to advanced Excel skills.
  • You do NOT need any previous Power BI experience
  • You do NOT need any database experience

To use Power BI, you will need the following:

  • Windows 7 or later -- Power BI Desktop does not run on the Mac
  • Excel 2007 or later, but ideally Excel 2010 or later

Get More Information

You can see the course details and a sample video here: Power BI Course Registration is only open for two weeks, and if you sign up in the first week, you can get a 20% discount.

To get an overview of Power BI, and to see Mynda's engaging teaching style, enroll in the free one-hour webinar (click the image below).

Power BI Webinar

There's a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can try the Power BI Course risk free.




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