Garden Photos and Links

A few garden photos and helpful gardening links. It's good to get outdoors occasionally, and away from the computer!

Garden Photos

This interesting insect landed on the rose bush in my garden, late August 2016. Thanks to the helpful readers of my Excel newsletter, I learned that it's a dragonfly. I was only familiar with the long, thin ones, that live near the water -- it's amazing that there are so many different types!

After much Googling, I found a match on the BugGuide website -- this is a Female Band-winged Meadowhawk Dragonfly (Sympetrum semicinctum).

dragonfly photo

I used the Prisma app on my iPad (Mosaic filter) to change the dragonfly into a "drawing", and was impressed by the results!

dragonfly photo prisma mosaic

The "dancing" lilies in the front garden, June 2016.

April snow 2011

Our red and white flower for Canada Day, June 2016.

canada day flower

Gardening Links

The following web sites have information on gardening.

National Gardening Association: This group is based in the USA, and you can get a free online membership. The site has many learning guides, how-to videos, blog posts, and plant databases. Go to their main page to get started.

BBC Gardening: This website is no longer updated, but gardening tips don't usually go out of date! It has calendars, design guides, information on pests, and much more.  The home page has links to everything.

USDA: Visit the US Department of Agriculture Home Gardening page where there are links to recommended gardening websites. Take a look at the other Plants and Crops topics too, in the list at the left.

Ontario Gardens: I live in Ontario, so this online Gardener's Handbook from the local government is very helpful to me. The handbook has growing tips, and information on specific plants. There's lots more information on the website, including a detailed map of climate zones in Ontario.

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