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Thank you for visiting my Contextures website, where you will find Excel tips, tutorials, sample files and videos. The most popular tutorials are listed below, and you'll find a full index on the Excel Tips page.

-- Debra Dalgleish, Contextures Inc.

Popular Excel Tutorials on Contextures

There are also 200+ free Excel sample files that you can download, to learn new techniques, see how formulas work, and get VBA code for your files.

Excel Products

Contextures has created several Excel based products, to help you save time, or improve your Excel skills. You can see the details on our Contextures Products page.

One of my most popular products is the PivotPower Premium add-in, with its time-saving pivot table tools. For example, apply number formatting to all fields, in all pivot tables, at once!

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In addition to the Excel tutorials that you'll find here, visit my blogs, for more Excel and pivot table tips.

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