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Excel Weekly News from Contextures June 25, 2012

Win a battle with conditional formatting, sum rows based on heading text, choose the right chart type, and other tips, in this week's Excel news from Contextures. And ExcelUser is having a sale on templates and add-ins (details in the Excel tools section, at the end of this letter)

 -  Debra

My Conditional Formatting Nightmare in Excel 2010

On the Contextures blog, I shared the details of my recent misadventures with Conditional Formatting. And based on the comments that people made, I'm not the only one who has run into this nasty problem.

My solution to the problem is working, and one reader shared a different way to avoid the mess.

Click here to read the article: Conditional Formatting Nightmare in Excel 2010

And for more on conditional formatting, check out this page on the Contextures website: Conditional Formatting

Use SUMIF to Total Excel Rows Based on Text

In another article on the Contextures blog, I showed how to sum specific rows in a table, based on the text in the first column. This is easier than clicking on each cell that you want to include, and less likely to result in errors. And that's always a good thing!

Click here to read the article: Use SUMIF to Total Excel Rows Based on Text

And for more ways to sum data in Excel, please visit the Sum Functions page on the Contextures website: Excel Sum Functions

Introducing Chart Chooser -- V2!

At the Juice Analytics website, they have updated their free tool -- Chart Chooser. It's available in both Excel and PowerPoint versions.

The tool helps you select the best chart type, based on what you're trying to show.

Visit the website to get the details, and download the free file: Introducing Chart Chooser -- V2!

Extracting numbers from text in excel [Case study]

Recently, Chandoo conducted an Excel salary survey on his blog, and now he's trying to analyze the data. It's quite a mess, with salaries in different currencies, and some numbers mixed with text. If he runs another survey, I bet he'll have one box for numbers, and another box for currency type!

If you ever have to deal with messy data, you might find some helpful tips in this article. Chandoo shows how he used a formula to pull out the numbers. There are some interesting suggestions in the comments too.

Visit his blog to read the instructions and download the sample file: Extracting numbers from text in excel [Case study]

Combining Chart Types, Adding a Second Axis

On Microsoft's Excel blog last week, they posted an update for their old article on making combination charts in Excel. In this example, they show the units sold as a column chart, and the total transactions are added as a line chart. Then, the line chart is shown on a secondary axis, so it's easier to read.

Click here to see the instructions: Combining Chart Types, Adding a Second Axis

Recommended Excel Tools

They aren't free, but these Excel tools are a worthwhile investment, so please click on the links to take a look at their features, and decide if they're right for you.
SALE: Charley Kyd, at ExcelUser, is offering a 25% discount on his Excel templates and add-ins, like the Excel Dashboard Kits listed below. This sale ends tomorrow, Tuesday, June 26th. Check out his catalog page, and if you buy something, use the coupon code: PLUMBING



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