Excel Weekly News from Contextures June 4, 2013

Nested IF functions + more Excel tips

It finally feels like summer here in Canada, so we spent last weekend planting the garden. The lilacs are also blooming, and you can see our blossoms in my photo this week, at the end of the newsletter.

In this week's Excel news, you'll see how to use multiple IF functions nested together, find and replace line breaks, and other tips. Thank you for reading the Excel news!

 -  Debra ddalgleish@contextures.com

Nesting IF Functions in Excel

With the IF function, you can test something in Excel, and show one result if the test result is TRUE, and another result for FALSE. You can combine two or more IF functions in a single formula, for even more flexibility in the results.

Click here to see the details: Nesting IF Functions in Excel

Arrange Value Fields Vertically for Printing

In a pivot table, you'll usually get better results when printing, if the data fields are in a vertical layout, instead of horizontal. This article shows you the steps for making this simple change.

Click here to see the details, and to watch the video: Arrange Value Fields Vertically for Printing

Find and Replace Line Breaks in Excel

It's easy to insert a line break in a cell, by using the Alt + Enter keyboard shortcut. However, if you want to find and replace line breaks, that shortcut doesn't work in the Find What box.

Click here to see the details, and to watch the video: Find and Replace Line Breaks

More Excel Tips

Here are a few more Excel articles that I read this week, that you might find useful:

Video: Remove Hyperlinks

When you type a web address in an Excel worksheet, by default it automatically changes that address to a hyperlink. You can then click that hyperlink, to visit the website.

Although this is a helpful feature most of the time, occasionally you might want to prevent a hyperlink from appearing. Watch this short video to see the steps for temporarily preventing hyperlinks, and how to remove a hyperlink if one accidentally appears.

For more info on hyperlinks, please visit my Contextures website: Excel Hyperlinks

Lovely Lilacs

Our lilac shrub is bursting with lovely pink blossoms, and it smells wonderful. They won't last long, but we enjoy these flowers every spring.


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