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Quick Fixes for Annoying Problems

Use the Pivot Power Free add-in to do these pivot table tasks with a click or two:

  • save and apply key pivot table settings
  • change all values from Count to Sum.
  • fix the number format for all values
  • apply your favourite layout, function and number format all at once
  • and more time-savers

Take a Peek Inside

Here's what you get with the Pivot Power Free add-in -- a new tab at the top of Excel, with special pivot table tools.

Note: You'll need Excel 2007 or later, and Windows only (not for Macintosh).

Pivot Power Free Ribbon 01

Pivot Power Free Ribbon 02

Pivot Power Free comes with a " Get Started" guide. It tells you how the add-in works, and how to install it. Also, while you're working in Excel, just point one of the commands, to see tips about what it does.




NOTE: The PP Free add-in is provided "as is", and the authors do not warrant that the add-in will meet your requirements or that the operation of the add-in will be error free. If you encounter an error, please notify



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Pivot Power Premium



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