Pivot Power Free

The Pivot Power Free add-in for Excel helps you by automating a few key pivot table features.

Latest version: July 9, 2016

(Excel for Windows only -- Does Not Work in Excel for Macintosh)

Pivot Power Free Add-in

The Pivot Power Free add-in saves you time and effort, when working with Excel pivot tables. For example, you can quickly:

  • save and apply pivot table settings
  • change all values to the Sum function.
  • Apply number format to all values
  • and other time-saving features

The Pivot Power Free creates a Ribbon tab, and is for Excel 2007, and later versions.
NOTE: Windows only
-- does not work with Excel for Macintosh.

Pivot Power Free Ribbon Tab

Pivot Power Free Ribbon 01

Pivot Power Free Ribbon 02

Save Your Preferences

With the Pivot Power Free add-in, you can save a pivot table layout, summary function, and number format, and then apply them to any pivot table.

Then, select a cell in any pivot table, and click the Apply Prefs button, to quickly apply your preferred settings to that pivot table.

Set Preferences

Quickly Fix the Functions

When a pivot table is created, it might have one or more fields using the COUNT function, because of blanks or text in the source data. With Pivot Power Free, you can quickly change all the values in a pivot table from COUNT to SUM, instead of changing the fields one at a time.

Change Functions

Quickly Change Number Formatting

Instead of formatting the value fields individually, you can quickly apply a specific number format to all the value fields.

Number Formatting

More PP Free Features

There are more features in the PP Free add-in too, such as turning column AutoFit on or off, listing all the pivot tables in the active workbook, and clearing old items from the pivot table's drop down lists.

More Features

Get Started Guide and Screen Tips

The Pivot Power Free kit includes a Get Started guide which explains how the add-in works, and how to install it. The Ribbon also has screen tips to guide you as you work with the add-in.

pivot power Free ribbon screen tips

Download the PP Free Add-in

Click the link below, to download the PP Free Add-in.

Then, unzip the file, and read the Getting Started Guide, for instructions on how to install the add-in.

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Pivot Power Premium Add-in

I hope you enjoy using the PP Free add-in, and find its tools useful. They address some of the most common issues with pivot tables, and make it easy to do things with a couple of clicks.

Those tools might be all that you need, but if you're looking for more features and options, a premium version is available.

Click here to learn more about the PPP add-in, and all its time-saving features.

pivot power Free ribbon screen tips




NOTE: The PP Free add-in is provided "as is" , and the authors do not warrant that the add-in will meet your requirements or that the operation of the add-in will be error free. If you encounter an error, please notify




Pivot Power Premium



Pivot Power Premium


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