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Quick Fixes for Annoying Problems

Use the Pivot Power Free add-in to do these pivot table tasks with a click or two:

  • save and apply key pivot table settings
  • change all values from Count to Sum.
  • fix the number format for all values
  • apply your favourite layout, function and number format all at once
  • and more time-savers

Take a Peek Inside

Here's what you get with the Pivot Power Free add-in -- a new tab at the top of Excel, with special pivot table tools.

Note: You'll need Excel 2007 or later, and Windows only (not for Macintosh).

Pivot Power Free Ribbon 01

Pivot Power Free Ribbon 02

Pivot Power Free comes with a " Get Started" guide. It tells you how the add-in works, and how to install it. Also, while you're working in Excel, just point one of the commands, to see tips about what it does.




NOTE: The PP Free add-in is provided "as is", and the authors do not warrant that the add-in will meet your requirements or that the operation of the add-in will be error free. If you encounter an error, please notify



For more features get

Pivot Power Premium

Pivot Power Premium




For more features get

Pivot Power Premium

Pivot Power Premium



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