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Excel Roundup Podcast 20160306

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This Month's Topics

This month's Excel roundup has pivot table sorting, how to split date and time, symbols in drop down lists, and many more tips. Follow the links below, to get the details.

This Month's Links

Macro Warnings

Fix Excel numbers that don't add up

Build a stopwatch in Excel

How to simplify your charts

Split Dates and Times

Worksheet Protection

Flash Fill for Dates

Symbols in Drop Down Lists

Articles on Excel and Financial Models

Create a list of hyperlinks

Pivot table sorting

Set up Custom Views

Pivot charts

Slicer Search Box

Listen to the Podcast:


  • 0:00 Introduction
  • 0:40 Macro Warnings
  • 1:50 Numbers Don't Add Up
  • 3:52 Split Dates and Times
  • 5:41 Worksheet Protection
  • 6:21 Flash Fill for Dates
  • 7:36 Symbols in Drop Down Lists
  • 8:42 Financial Models
  • 9:10 Build Hyperlinks
  • 9:47 Pivot Table Sorting
  • 11:20 Hide Columns Before Printing
  • 12:55 Pivot Charts
  • 13:29 Slicer Search Box
  • 13:57 Conclusion

Watch the Video Podcast:


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