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30 Functions in 30 Days
Add-ins, Installing
Add Number to Multiple Cells
Advanced Filter - Basics
Advanced Filter - Basics Excel 2003
Advanced Filter - Criteria
Advanced Filter - Different Sheet
Advanced Filter - Unique Items
AlexJ - Sample Workbooks
Annual Cost Calculator
Audit Formulas
AutoFilter - Basics
AutoFilter - Excel 2003 Basics
AutoFilter - Filter Text in Long String
AutoFilter - Limits to Dropdown Lists
AutoFilter - Programming, Lists
AutoFilter - Programming, Worksheet
AutoFilter - Protected Sheet
AutoFilter - Secret Toolbar Buttons
AutoFilter - Status Bar Record Count
AutoFilter - Sum a Filtered List
AutoFilter - Videos
Average Functions


Bar over character
Beyond the Keyboard
Blank Cells, Fill
Blog, Contextures
Blogs, Latest Updates
Book List, Excel (Interactive)
Books -- on my bookshelf
Books -- e-books, Microsoft Office
Box Plot (Box and Whisker Chart)


Cartesian Join with MS Query
Charting - Jon Peltier's Site Index
Charting Links
Charts, Box Plot (Box and Whisker)
Charts, Cluster Stack Utility
Chart Error Bars VBA
Charts, Interactive
Charts, Line-Column 2 Axes
Charts, Panel
Charts, Pie
Charts, Waterfall
CheckBox, Change Formula
CHOOSE Function, Fiscal Year
Christmas Planner
Christmas Tree Scroll Bar
Code, Copy to a workbook
Coderre, Ron - Sample Workbooks
Column headers show numbers (FAQ)
Combine Text/Numbers (Concatenate)
ComboBox VBA, UserForm
ComboBoxes, Dependent, UserForm
ComboBoxes, UserForm Tips
ComboBoxes, Worksheet Tips
Comments - Add a Picture
Comments - Basics
Comments - Change Indicator Colour
Comments - Change Shape
Comments - Copy
Comments - Copy Text to Adjacent Cell
Comments - Extract Text to Word
Comments - Format All
Comments - Format Text
Comments - Insert Selected Picture
Comments - Number and List
Comments - Printing
Comments - Programming
Comments - Resize
Comments - Show in Centre
Concatenate UDF
Conditional Formatting - Basics
Conditional Formatting - Data Bars
Conditional Formatting - Documentation
Conditional Formatting - Hide Cells to Print
Conditional Formatting - Hide Duplicates
Conditional Formatting - Hide Errors
Conditional Formatting - Lottery Numbers
Conditional Formatting - Other Sheet
Conditional Formatting - Pivot Table
Conditional Formatting - Row
Conditional Formatting - Shade Alt Rows
Conditional Formatting - Shade Bands
Conditional Formatting - Filtered Bands
Conditional Formatting - Coloured Shapes
Contextures Blog
Cost Calculator, Annual
Count Cells
COUNTIF Function


Dashboard, Excel
Dashboard Course Review
Dashboard Tips

Data Bars - Conditional Formatting
Data Entry - Tips
Data Entry - Fill Blank Cells
Data Entry - Numbers Don't Add Up
Data Entry - Excel Videos
Data Entry - Increase by Set Amount
Data Entry Form, Update
Data Entry Form, Worksheet
Data, Sample (Interactive)
Data Tables for What If Analysis

Data Validation - Basics
Data Validation - Combo box
Data Validation - Combo box Named Range
Data Validation - Combo box - Click
Data Validation - Custom Criteria
Data Validation - Dates
Data Validation - Dependent Dropdown- Sorted List
Data Validation - Dependent Lists
Data Validation - Dependent Lists INDEX
Data Validation - Dependent Lists Tables
Data Validation - Dependent Lists Tables/INDIRECT
Data Validation - Documentation
Data Validation - Dropdowns Too Wide
Data Validation - Dropdowns Open at End of List
Data Validation - Duplicates, Prevent
Data Validation - List Length
Data Validation - Font Size
Data Validation - Hide Used Items
Data Validation - Input Message in Text Box
Data Validation - Invalid Entries Allowed
Data Validation - List Auto Add New Items
Data Validation - List from Other Workbook
Data Validation - Make List Appear Larger
Data Validation - Make List Wider
Data Validation - Messages
Data Validation - Missing Arrows
Data Validation - Multi Select Listbox
Data Validation - Multi Select Premium
Data Validation - Multi Select Premium FAQ
Data Validation - Order Form
Data Validation - Select Multiple Items
Data Validation - Tips and Quirks
Data Validation - Videos
Data Validation - Videos, Basics
Delete Rows Macro
Dependent ComboBoxes on UserForm
Distance, Calculating
Drop Down List in Cell - Basics
Duplicates -- Prevent
Duplicates -- Remove from a List
Duplicates -- Remove from a List (Excel 2003)
Dynamic Ranges, Naming
Dynamic Ranges, Naming with a Macro


Easter Dates, Calculate
Error Bars, VBA
Excel 2007 -- Articles List
Excel 2010 -- Articles List
Excel 2013 -- Articles List
Excel Add-ins List, Free
Excel Events
Excel Links
Excel Sites
Excel Store
Excel Table


FAQs, Excel - Application and Files
FAQs, Excel - Dates and Times
FAQs, Excel - Index
FAQs, Excel - Macros, VBA
FAQs, Excel - Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts
FAQs, Excel - Worksheet Functions and Formats
FastExcel V3 Review
File with that name is already open (FAQ)
File size, large (FAQ)
Fill colour doesn't work (FAQ)
Fill pattern doesn't print (FAQ)
Filter, Advanced
Filter, AutoFilter
Find and Replace
Fiscal Year and Month, Calculate
Fiscal Year, Pivot Table
Form, Create a UserForm
Form, Print Selected Items
Form, Survey
Form, Worksheet Data Entry
Form, Data Entry and Update
Formatting Tips
Formulas, Auditing
Formulas visible on Worksheet
Functions, Interactive List
Functions -- 30 Functions in 30 Days
Functions -- AGGREGATE
Functions -- Average
Functions -- CHOOSE
Functions -- Count cells
Functions -- COUNTIF
Functions -- FORMULATEXT
Functions -- HLOOKUP
Functions -- HYPERLINK
Functions -- IF
Functions -- IFERROR
Functions -- INDEX
Functions -- INDIRECT
Functions -- ISFORMULA
Functions -- MATCH
Functions -- MIN and MAX
Functions -- OFFSET
Functions -- PMT
Functions -- RANK
Functions -- Ratio
Functions -- Rounding
Functions -- SHEET and SHEETS
Functions -- SUBTOTAL
Functions -- Sum cells
Functions -- TEXT
Functions -- VLOOKUP


Pivot Tables - GetPivotData Reports
Gift Ideas for Excel Users
Golf Scores Template
Govier, Roger - Sample Workbooks
Grades, Convert Percentages to Letter


Holiday Planner
HLOOKUP Function
HTML Code, Create
Hyperlinks, Add, Remove


IF Function
IFRAME Code, Create
INDEX Function


Keyboard Shortcuts - Interactive List


Last Row, Excel VBA
Line-Column Chart on 2 Axes
List Box, Excel VBA
Lists - AutoFilter VBA
Lists, Drop Down in Cell - Basics
Longitude, Latitude


Macros, Add to Quick Access Toolbar
Macros, Copy to a workbook
Macros - Getting Started
Macros Prompt, Enable or Disable (FAQ)
Macros, Record and Test Excel 2007
Macros Toolbar
MATCH Function
Meal Planner, Holiday
Meal Planner, Weekly
Microsoft Query, Cartesian Join
MIN and MAX Functions


Names -- Naming Ranges
Names -- Naming Dynamic Ranges with a macro
Names -- Use Names in Formulas
Navigation Command for Sheets
Navigation Toolbar for Sheets 2003
Newsletter Index, Contextures
Numbers Don't Add Up
Numbers, Increase by Set Amount


OFFSET Function
Order Form


Panel Charts
Paste Values Mouse Shortcut
PDF Files, Save As, VBA
PeltierTech - Charting Site Index
Pie Chart
Pivot Charts, Create
Pivot Charts, Source Data
Pivot Table Index
Pivot Tables, Beginning (Excel 2007)
Pivot Tables, Recipe Book (Excel 2003)
Pivot Tables, Recipe Book (Excel 2007)
Pivot Tables - Add-in - PivotPower
Pivot Tables - Add-in - PivotPower Premium
Pivot Tables - Add-in - Pivot Play PLUS
Pivot Tables - Calculated Field
Pivot Tables - Calculated Field Count
Pivot Tables - Calculated Item
Pivot Tables - Clear Old Items
Pivot Tables - Conditional Formatting
Pivot Tables - Create in Excel 2013
Pivot Tables - Create in Excel 2007
Pivot Tables - Custom Calculations
Pivot Tables - Custom PivotTable Style, Copy
Pivot Tables - Data Field Layout
Pivot Tables - Data Source
Pivot Tables - Dynamic Data Source
Pivot Tables - Expand and Collapse
Pivot Tables - Field Settings
Pivot Tables - FAQs
Pivot Tables - Field List
Pivot Tables - Filter Source Data
Pivot Tables - Filters, Report Filters
Pivot Tables - Filters, Top 10
Pivot Tables - Fiscal Year
Pivot Tables - Formatting
Pivot Tables - Format Copy
Pivot Tables - Format macro
Pivot Tables - GetPivotData
Pivot Tables - GetPivotData Reports
Pivot Tables - Grand Total at Top
Pivot Tables - Grouping Data
Pivot Tables - Interactive Filters
Pivot Tables - Layout, Excel 2007
Pivot Tables - Multiple Consolidation Ranges
Pivot Tables - Pivot Cache
Pivot Tables - Printing
Pivot Tables - Protection
Pivot Tables - Report Filters
Pivot Tables - Report Filters Programming
Pivot Tables - Running Totals
Pivot Tables - Select Sections
Pivot Tables - Show and Hide Items
Pivot Tables - Sorting
Pivot Tables - Subtotals
Pivot Tables - Summary Functions
Pivot Tables - Top 10 Filters
Pivot Tables - Unique Count
Pivot Tables - Unique Items
Pivot Tables and Pivot Chart Intro
Planner, Christmas
Planner, Holiday Meal
Planner, Weekly Meal
PMT Function
PowerPivot for Excel Virtual Lab
PowerPivot from Identical Files
PowerPivot Resources
Power Query Combine Tables
Preview Picture, Save with
Print One Page Wide
Print Headings All Pages
Programming -- see VBA
Project Management Templates


Queries - Add-in - Pivot Play PLUS
Quick Access Toolbar, Customize


Ranges, Naming
RANK Function
Ratio Formulas
Replace, Find and
Ribbon -- Custom tabs, Add
Ribbon -- Custom tabs, Intro
Ribbon -- Navigation Command for Sheets 2007
Rothstein, Rick - Excel VBA
Rounding Functions
RSS Feeds on Worksheet
Running Totals, Pivot Tables


Sample Data (for testing)
Sample Workbooks
Sample Workbooks (AlexJ)
Sample Workbooks (Ron Coderre)
Sample Workbooks (Roger Govier)
Scenarios -- Automatically Show
Scenarios -- Create and Show
Scenarios -- Programming
Scenarios -- Scenario Summaries
Scroll Bar, Date Range
Scroll Bar, Worksheet
Shortcuts, Keyboard - Interactive List
SHEET and SHEETS Functions
Slicers, Updating VBA
Sort a List
Sort a List Excel 2003
Sort Data -- Programming
Spreadsheet Day
Store, The Excel
Sum cells
Sum a Filtered List
Survey Form


Table, Excel
Tables, Data, for What If Analysis
Text Box, ActiveX
TEXT Function
Toolbar -- Macros
Toolbar -- Navigate Workbook Sheets
Topics Index
Trailing Minus Signs


Unique Count, Pivot Table
Used Range, Reset (FAQ)
Used Range, Select
UserForm, Create
UserForm with ComboBoxes
UserForm Dependent ComboBoxes
UserForm ComboBox VBA
UserForms for Data Entry Course

Excel UserForms for Data Entry


VBA AutoFilter - Lists
VBA AutoFilter - Worksheet
VBA Chart Error Bars
VBA Code, Copy to a workbook
VBA - Getting Started
VBA SendKeys
Video Index
Videos, AutoFilter
Videos, Charts
Videos, Comments
Videos, Data Entry
Videos, Data Validation
Videos, Data Validation Basics
Videos, INDEX function
Videos, RANK function
Videos, VLOOKUP function

VLOOKUP function


Waterfall Charts
Weight Loss Tracker
What's New in Excel - archive
What If Analysis, Data Tables
Worksheet Objects
Worksheet Tips
Worksheet VBA
XML Maps for RSS Feed

Note: Some Excel tutorial links are to Contextures Blog and Contextures Pivot Table blog.

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