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PivotPower Premium

Add-in Power Tool for Excel Pivot Tables

The PivotPower Premium add-in saves you time and aggravation. It automates many of the features that aren't built in to an Excel pivot table, and makes some of the buried Excel pivot table features easier to access.

For example, you can quickly

  • save and apply preferred pivot table settings
  • clear old items from an Excel pivot table,
  • change the number format for all fields,
  • change all the data fields from using the Count function to using the Sum function.

Many More Features

(Excel for Windows only -- Does Not Work in Excel for Macintosh)

Go to the PivotPower Premium add-in page, to see all its features, and learn how it can save you time when setting up your pivot tables..

pivot power premium


A free version of the PivotPower add-in, with limited features, is also available.

pivot power free


pivot power premium






pivot power free


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