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Find the Excel resources that you need, here on Contextures. There are hundreds of Excel tutorials, step-by-step training videos, and sample Excel workbooks to download.

learn these key excel skills

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Excel Topics

Find tutorials for these popular Excel topics, here on the Contextures site


Pivot Tables -- Use Excel Pivot Tables to quickly summarize data from a list or Excel table. See how to get started, then learn more about the power of pivot tables!

To learn more, go to the Excel Pivot Table topic page.

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Formulas - Use Excel formulas and functions to summarize data, return values from a lookup table, do mathematical calculations, and much more!

To learn more, go to the Excel Formulas topic page.


Data Validation -- Use the Excel data validation feature to create drop down lists on a worksheet. Or, use data validation rules to control what can be entered into worksheet cells.

To learn more, go to the Excel Data Validation topic page.


Macros -- Use Excel macros to automate routine tasks, so you can save time while you work. Record and edit your own macros, or use code that you find here on my Contextures site.

To learn more, go to the Excel Macros topic page.

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Formatting - Format worksheet cells manually, to identify data entry or formula cells. Or, use conditional formatting, to automatically highlight key values on a worksheet.

To learn more, go to the Excel Formatting topic page.


Charts -- Add visual impact to your Excel workbooks, by adding simple or complex charts. First, build simple Excel charts, such as a pie chart or line chart. Next, create complex charts, like a Cluster Stack Column chart, or a line chart with a target range.

To learn more, go to the Excel Charts topic page.


Filters -- Use AutoFilters and Advanced Filters to show specific data from a named Excel table, or a worksheet list.

To learn more, go to the Excel Filters topic page.

Excel Tutorials

There's always something new to learn in Excel! Here are the links to some of my recent Excel tutorials.


Printable Calendar - Type year and month number, to create a printable Excel calendar with the month's holidays highlighted. There are written steps, and an Excel file to download


Count Blanks - In a pivot table, see how to count blanks in source data cells. Fix problem, get correct count of empty cells. Video, written steps, Excel file

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Bingo Cards - Create printable sets of 3 unique Bingo cards, filled with numbers or pictures. There are written steps, and 4 different Excel files to download

PT0046 Seating Plan -- Select guest names from a drop down list, and those names appear at the selected table in your seating plan. There are written steps, and an Excel file to download

Many More Excel Tutorials

Next, you can check out these popular Excel tutorials.

1 -- Key Skills in Excel - Do you know all of these key Excel skills?

2 -- How to Count Specific Cells - Count items in a list, based on one or more criteria

3 -- How to Do a VLOOKUP - Find a lookup item in a table, such price for a specific product

4 -- Create a Pivot Table - Summarize thousands of rows of data, with a few clicks, and no formulas!

For many more tutorials, go to the Excel Tips page. You'll find an Excel topic list there, with links to the tutorial pages.

Excel Video Training

Get started with these video training pages, for popular Excel topics - Drop Down Lists, Pivot Tables, Data Entry Tips, and VLOOKUP Examples.



Here is one of my latest Excel videos, and most of the Excel tutorial pages include a video too.

Excel Sample Files

Here are the download links for a couple of my latest Excel sample workbooks, and most of the Excel tutorial pages include a sample file too.

  • More Workbooks: For even more sample files, go to the Excel Sample Files page, where there are 200+ files for you to choose from.
  • Sample Data: If you need Excel sample data for practice or training examples, take a look at the data workbooks on the Excel Sample Data page.
CF0013 Canada and USA Flags
Choose a country name from drop down list. Conditional formatting shows the flag for the selected country. (No macros) Click this link to download the Country Flag workbook.
filter to different sheet Send Data to Different Sheet: Use an Advanced Filter to send the data to a different worksheet, based on criteria (No macros)


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learn these key excel skills

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