Master 30 Excel Functions in 30 Days

This 30 Excel Functions lesson guide and workbook are based on the popular 30 Excel Functions in 30 Days challenge, from the Contextures Blog. The 30 functions are shown in the list at the right.

If you missed the challenge, or want all of the content in an easy-to-use single reference file, you can get this guide. Learn more about the 30 Excel functions in

  • a 150 page written lesson guide (PDF format)
  • links to the Excel video tutorials
  • an Excel file with 100 function examples -- choose xlsx format (Excel 2007 and later) or xls format, for Excel 2003

Practical Examples for 30 Excel Functions

These 30 Excel functions can be powerful on their own, and most work well with other functions, to perform amazing feats in your Excel workbooks. For example:

    1. Find an item in an unsorted list, with the MATCH function
    2. Count the EXACT matches in a list, including upper and lower case
    3. Remove surplus spaces with the TRIM function
    4. See which version of Excel is being used, with the INFO function
    5. Calculate fiscal quarters, with the CHOOSE function
    6. Find product prices with VLOOKUP
    7. Use the daily rate in effect on a specific date, with HLOOKUP
    8. Extract the worksheet name with CELL
    9. Total the salary in the best 5 consecutive years with TRANSPOSE
    10. Keep a simple tally with REPT
    11. Find the last negative number in a column with LOOKUP
    12. Use wildcards in a SEARCH
    13. Pull values from the a table with VLOOKUP and MATCH
    14. See the ADDRESS of the cell with the highest value
    15. Sort a column alphabetically with the INDEX function
    16. Insert hyphens in a telephone number with REPLACE
    17. Create a dynamic range with OFFSET
    18. Link to a cell in the same workbook with HYPERLINK
    19. Create cell references that don't shift, with INDIRECT

    And many more Excel Function examples

Update Your Excel Function Skills

With this 30 Excel Functions in 30 Days reference guide and workbook, you can:

  • expand your Excel knowledge,
  • make your workbooks more efficient, and
  • learn which functions work best in different situations.

You'll even discover which Excel functions you should avoid!

This lesson guide can help you make better use of familiar functions. Even the Excel functions that you use every day can have hidden talents, and pitfalls that you aren't aware of.

And there are so many Excel functions, that you probably only use a fraction of them. This lesson guide can show you new functions, that work better than some you're currently using. The lessons focus on 30 Excel functions in the following categories:

  • Text
  • Information
  • Lookup and Reference

30 Excel Functions E-Book

Each of the 30 lessons in the ebook (pdf format) explains how the Excel functions work, suggests possible uses for the function, and warns you of any traps to avoid.

There are multiple examples for most functions, showing practical applications that you can apply in your own workbooks. Experiment with the examples, as you follow along with the lesson plans.

You can follow the lesson guide, no matter how you like to learn. For each of the 30 Excel functions, there is:

  • a written description that details how the function works
  • screen shots that show the workbook and formula setup (shows Excel 2010 screen)
  • practical examples of Excel formulas, using that function alone, or with other functions
  • video link, so you can see a demo of the function examples

The ebook is 150 pages, in a generous sized 13 pt font, so it's easy to read.

30 functions ebook

There are video tutorial links in the lesson guide, so you can see a demonstration of the examples. Click the video links to view the tutorials on the YouTube site.

video tutorial links

The e-book is in Adobe PDF format, with bookmarks for easy navigation.

Adobe PDF format

At the end of the e-book, there is an index to where each function is used in the examples. This is a great way to see how you can combine the different functions, for powerful and flexible results.

ebook index

30 Excel Functions Workbook

The Excel functions workbook contains over 100 examples -- all of the function samples from the lesson guide. The workbook is available in either

  • xlsx format (Excel 2007 and later)
  • or xls format, for Excel 2003

With this sample file, and all its examples, you will save time and effort, and not have to build each example from scratch, in your own workbooks.

There is a table of contents in the Excel file, so you can quickly navigate to the example you're looking for.

table of contents

Or, work through the examples, as you follow the 30 lessons in the e-book.

work through the examples

A cheat sheet also links to the information sheet for each function, and summarizes the function's syntax and description.

links to the information sheet

Excel Versions

Two versions of the 30 Excel Functions in 30 Days are available. Both versions have the same ebook, with the detailed instructions, and screet shots that show the worksheet in Excel 2010.

Excel xlsx Format -- The Excel file is in xlsx format , with no macros. Select this version if you have Excel 2016, Excel 2013, Excel 2010 or Excel 2007

Excel xlx Format -- The Excel file is in xls format, with no macros. . Select this version if you have Excel 2003. A few formulas were changed, to replace formulas, such as IFERROR, that are not available in Excel 2003.

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30 Functions in 30 Days
Function List

  • CELL
  • CHAR
  • CODE
  • FIND
  • INFO
  • N
  • REPT
  • T
  • TRIM
  • TYPE

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