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Short videos show how to lock title rows, print comments, create number series, and add grand totals with one click

Lock the Title Rows

If you want to keep the top rows of an Excel worksheet in view at all times, so you can see the column headings, you can lock the top rows in place.

To lock the top rows in place, you'll use the Freeze Panes feature. This video shows you the steps for selecting the specific section that you want to freeze, and then locking the rows.

For more details on this technique, see the Excel FAQs for the steps to Freeze Title Rows in Excel 2003.

Print Comments in Excel

When you print an Excel worksheet, you can also print all the comments that have been added to the sheet. This Excel Quick Tips video shows how to display the worksheet comments, and then print the worksheet with all the comments showing.

If you're using an older version of Excel, there is more information on Printing Comments in Excel 2003.

Quickly Create a Series of Numbers

You can quickly create a series of numbers on an Excel worksheet, such as a series of even numbers, 2, 4, 6, 8. To do this, you can type the first two numbers in the series, and then drag the Fill Handle to continue the series on the worksheet. This Excel Quick Tips video shows you how to fill the series.

There are many more Excel Data Entry tips that will help you work efficiently in Excel.

Create Grand Totals With One Click

Use Excel's built in AutoSum feature to instantly create grand totals for all the rows and columns in a table, with one click. For detailed instructions on this technique, see Grand Total a Range of Cells.

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