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Short videos show how to select random name, change formulas to values, show messages, name cells

Select a Random Name in Excel

To select a random name from a list of names, enter the RAND function in an adjacent column. Then, sort the column of random numbers. The name that appears at the top of the list is the winner.

For more tips on sorting, see Sorting a List in Excel.

Change Excel Formulas to Values

After you create formulas in Excel, you might need to change the formulas to the calculated values, to lock them in. Use this mouse shortcut to copy and paste as values, in one quick step.

There's also information on Excel Keyboard Shortcuts.

Show a Message When Cell is Selected

To help users enter data correctly, you can display a message when they click on a cell. Use the data validation settings to show data entry instructions.

There are written instruction for Data Validation Messages.

Quickly Name Selected Cells in Excel

If adjacent cells have a text label, you can use this quick technique to name cells.

There are more instructions for Naming Cells in Excel.

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