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Short videos show how to change hyperlinks to text, print all worksheets, create pivot table, create named table

Change Excel Hyperlinks to Text

When you type a website or email address in Excel, a hyperlink might be automatically created. To change the hyperlinks to normal text, you can paste them as values. This Excel Quick Tips Video shows you the steps.

For more ways to convert Excel hyperlinks to text, see Prevent Hyperlinks, in the Excel FAQs.

Print All Sheets in a Workbook

Instead of printing worksheets individually, you can select all the sheets, and print them at the same time.

For more Excel tips, see Excel Tips and Tutorials.

Create a Quick Pivot Table

It only takes a few seconds to create a pivot table in Excel. In this 12 second video, I select a cell in an Excel table of sales data, click a button on the Ribbon, click OK, and add a couple of fields to the new pivot table.

For written instructions, see create a pivot table in Excel.

Format a Table in Excel

In Excel 2007, you can format a list of data as an Excel Table. This will make sorting and filtering easier, and is very efficient as the source for a Pivot Table.

In this Excel Quick Tips Video, you'll see the steps for creating a formatted Excel Table from a list.

For written instructions, see Creating Formatted Tables in Excel.

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