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These video tutorials show you the step by step instructions for the selected topic.

Click on a link in the list below to go to that video. Most of the video tutorials are about 3 minutes long, and demonstrate a key topic in Excel.

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Cluster Stack Chart Utility

Waterfall Chart Utility

Conditional Formatting


Data Bars

Hide Duplicates

Hide Questions

Refer to Another Sheet

Row, Format Entire

Data Entry

AutoFill Dates in Series or Same Date

Convert Text Numbers to Real Numbers

Excel Data Entry in Specific Cells

Fill Blank Cells

Hyperlink - Create with Mouse Shortcut

Paste Special to Increase Amounts (Excel 2003)

Paste Special to Increase Amounts (Excel 2007)

Paste Values Mouse Shortcut

Data Validation

Add New Items in Drop Down List

Create a Drop Down List

Different Drop Downs in Same Cell

Drop Down Arrows Missing

Ignore Blank Problems

Select Multiple Items in One Cell

Show Message to Users

Three Types of Drop Down Lists

Excel Tips

Customize the Excel Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

Sort in Custom Order

Sort Data by Row

Sort With Excel VBA

Comments - Add a Picture

Print Comments in Excel 2007


Advanced Filter - Different Sheet

Advanced Filter - Unique Items (Excel 2003)

Advanced Filter - Unique Items (Excel 2007)

AutoFilter - Secret Toolbar Buttons

AutoFilter - Status Bar Shows Filter Mode

AutoFilter - Quickly Find Items in Excel 2010

Remove Duplicates from a List (Excel 2003)

Remove Duplicates from a List (Excel 2007)




COUNTIF - Count Matching Text

COUNTIF - Count Items Greater Than Set Amount







Naming Ranges

Create a Dynamic Named Range

Pivot Tables

Clear Old Items in Pivot Tables

Copy a Custom PivotTable Style

Create Pivot Tables in Excel 2007

Create Pivot Tables from Multiple Sheets

Data Field Layout

Date Filters, Add

Format Pivot Table With a Macro


Group Data

Layout, Excel 2007 Pivot Tables

Report Filters, Add

Running Totals

Select Sections

Slicers, Excel 2010

Subtotals, Create Multiple

Top 10 Filters   

VBA Programming

Macro Warning, Stop Showing

Macros, Copy to a workbook

UserForm, Create a

UserForm, ComboBox Lists



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