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Excel Chart Utility -- Instead of creating complex Excel charts from scratch, you can use this charting utility add-in to automate the job for you. You'll save time and reduce frustration, and you will be amazed by how quickly and easily you can create complex Excel charts with this tool.

Available for either Windows or Mac


Align (Overlay) Charts

Align X Axis to Y=0 on Two Y Axes

Arbitrary Axis Scale

Arbitrary Gridlines

Arbitrary Gridlines, Take Two

Arbitrary Gridlines and Axis Labels

Area Charts, XY Scatter

Arrow, Use to Indicate Special Points

Axes and Axis Tricks

Axes, Align X Axis to Y=0 on Two Y

Axes, Columns on Two

Axis Label Cut Off  

Axis Labels, Staggered

Axis Labels, Staggered (method 2)

Axis Scale, Arbitrary

Axis Scale, Link Parameters to Values in Cells

Axis, Vertical Category


Bar-Line Combination Chart

Box and Whisker Chart Utility

Box and Whisker Plots

Brickyard Chart

Broken Y Axis

Bubble Chart Bubble Sizes, Control


Cascade Chart Utility

Category Axis

Category Axis, Vertical

Change Series Formulas

Chart by Combo Box or Checkbox

Chart Series Formula

Chart Size on your Menu 

Chart Source Data

Chart Type, Select with List Box or Drop Down

Chart Types

Chart Utilities

Chart Wizard

Charting Data From Different Sheets

Clustered Columns with Clustered Lines

Clustered-Stacked Column Chart Utility

Colored Quadrant Background, Chart with

Colored Vertical Band

Column Chart, Dynamic

Column Chart with Horizontal Line Segments

Column Charts, Floating

Columns on Two Axes

Combination Chart, Roll Your Own

Combination Chart, Bar-Line

Combination Charts

Combination Clustered Columns with Clustered Lines

Combination Chart for Monthly Temperatures, Column

Conditional Charts, Simple

Conditional Charts, Simple - 2

Consolidate Text Data for Charting

Control Chart, Dynamic

Custom Histograms

Custom Chart Type, Creating a


Delink Chart Data

Deviation Column Charts 

Different Sheets, Charting Data from

Dimensions, Align Chart

Dot Plots and Utility

Drop Lines in Excel Charts

Dummy Series

Dynamic and Interactive Charts

Dynamic Chart

Dynamic Chart -- Last 12 Months

Dynamic Chart Links

Dynamic Column Chart

Dynamic Control Chart

Dynamic Normalized Ranges, Charting


Equation, Plot an  

Error Bars in Excel Charts

Exponential Notation Axis Labels, Creating


FAQ, Charting

Fill Color Between Lines in a Chart, Apply

Fix Chart Font Scaling

Floating Column Charts

Font Scaling, Fix Chart

Forms, Property Procedures


Gantt Chart Links

Gantt Charts in Microsoft Excel - Advanced Techniques

Gridlines, Arbitrary

Gridlines, Arbitrary, Take Two

Gridlines, Make Square



Histograms, Custom

Horizontal Line, Add to a Column or Line Chart

Horizontal Stock Chart

Hyperlinks in Excel


In Cell Charting with Worksheet Formulas

Interactive Chart Creation

Interactive Parallel Coordinates Chart 

Invert If Negative 


Label Last Point

Labels, Staggered Axis

Labels, Add to Points that are Off Scale

Line and Fill Effects in Excel Charts Using VBA

Lines, Run Chart with Mean and Standard Deviation


Marimekko Chart Utility

Menu, Chart Size on

Minimum and Maximum, Special Format


Naming Charts

Number Formats in Microsoft Excel


Outliers, Add Labels to Points that are Off Scale


Panel Chart with Different Panels  

Panel Chart with Vertical Panels

Panel Chart Utility

Pivot Tables and Pivot Charts, Intro

Plotted Point, Get Information

Probability Chart

Property Procedures - Forms

Protecting Charts


Quadrant Background, Chart with Colored


Reciprocal Axis Chart

Resizing and Moving Charts in VBA

Run Chart with Mean and Standard Deviation Lines


Series Formulas, Change

Solver in VBA, Using  

Source Data

Speedometer Chart

Speedometer Chart XP

Stacked Charts With Vertical Separation

Stacked Column Charts that Cross the X Axis

Stacked Line Chart

Staggered Axis Labels

Statistics, Charts for

Step Charts in Microsoft Excel

Stock Chart with Left Tick Marker for Open Series

Stock Chart, Horizontal

Stock Charts

Stock Charts and Other Line Chart Tricks

Stock Charts with Added Series

Superscript - Creating Exponential Notation Axis Labels

Switch X and Y


Temperatures, Column Combination Chart for Monthly

Tertiary Y Axis

Text Data, Consolidate for Charting

Tutorial, Charting


Utility, Excel Chart

Utility, Mac Clustered-Stacked Column Chart 

Utility, Mac Waterfall Charts


Variable Width Columns, Column Chart with 

Variable Width ColumnCharts, Links 

VBA Charting Techniques

VBA Examples, Quick Chart

VBA, Error Free

VBA, Charts and

Vertical Band, Colored

Vertical Category Axis

Vertical Line, Add to a Column or Line Chart


Waterfall Charts

Waterfall Charts, Fancy

Waterfall Charts Utility


X Axis: Category or Value?

XY Area Chart: Fill Below an XY Series

XY Area Chart: Fill Between XY Series

XY Chart Utility, Quick

XY Scatter Chart Variations

XY Scatter Area Charts

Excel Chart Utility

If you do lots of work with charts in Excel, save time with Jon Peltier's Excel Chart Utility.

Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0

*Microsoft Excel MVP Jon Peltier is a metallurgical engineer, with 23 years experience in Research and Development. His academic credentials include a Doctor of Science in Metallurgy, with a minor program in Statistics. Jon was Technical Editor for Excel Charts , and he has an extensive web site, with an emphasis on Excel charts and Excel chart utilities.

Disclosure: I earn a small commission if you purchase products through links on this site.

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Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0



Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0



Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0

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