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Charting Utilities

Peltier Technical Services, Inc. Charting Utilities Instead of creating complex Excel charts from scratch, you can use a charting utility add-in to automate the job for you. You'll save time and reduce frustration, and you will be impressed by how quickly and easily you can create complex Excel charts.

Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0

Recommended Websites

Jon Peltier's site - Chart Samples and Tutorials

Rob Bovey's XY Chart Labeler - Free Add-in

Andy Pope's site - Chart Samples and Tutorials

Tushar Mehta's site - Chart Samples and Tutorials

Stephen Bullen's site - Chart Samples to download

John Walkenbach's site - Chart Samples to download

Chandoo's site - Charting Tips

Microsoft Articles - Charts General

Glossary of Charting Terminology
-definitions of basic terms used in Excel charts, such as data series, error bars and trendlines.

Overview of Built-in Chart Types
-describes all types of Excel charts and what data is best represented in each of the chart types

How Chart Axis Limits Are Determined
-explains how the min and max limits for axis scales in Excel charts are computed

Using Defined Names to Automatically Update a Chart Range
-Excel charts can be automatically updated as you add new information

Create a Gantt Chart Using Hours as the Scale
-use a Gantt Chart to show the progress of a project

Creating Charts with Multiple Groups of Stacked Bars
-Excel charts can appear to have more than one stack per category

Create a BoxPlot/Box & Whisker Chart
-Excel charts don't include box plots, but you can create a reasonable representation of the box plot type of chart

Microsoft Articles - Excel Chart Macros

Visual Basic Module to Create a Gantt Chart
-programmatically generate this type of chart

Automatically Set Min and Max Scale for Y-Axis
-use code to determine the min and max values in Excel charts data

Programmatically Print All Embedded Charts on Worksheet
-Each chart is printed on a separate page

Macro to Extract Data from a Chart
-retrieve data from Excel charts, even when the source data has been lost

How to use a macro to add labels to data points in an xy scatter chart or in a bubble chart in Excel
-there is no built-in command that automatically attaches text labels to data points in an xy (scatter) or Bubble chart.

Microsoft Articles - Chart Problems

Scatter Chart Series Lines and Trendlines are Not Printed Correctly
-lines in Excel charts may appear to move from their original location

"Run-time error '16': Expression too complex" 
-Error message when you run a VBA macro to adjust the charts on an Excel 2007 worksheet

More Chart Tutorials

Interactive Chart - Totals

Chart Utility

Charts, Line-Column 2 Axes

Charts, Panel

Charts, Waterfall

VBA Code, Copy to a workbook

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Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0



Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0


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