Contextures Excel Products

If you spend all day working in Excel, these products can help you save time.

NOTE: The products are for Windows Excel only (not for Macintosh Excel)


Pivot Power Free Add-in

Use the Excel Pivot Power Free add-in to automate basic pivot table tasks, such as formatting and changing the value fields to a different function.

For example:

  • save and apply pivot table settings
  • change all values to the Sum function.
  • Apply number format to all values
  • and other time-saving features

Cost: FREE



Excel Free Backup Tool

Use the Backup Free add-in to quickly save a copy of your active file, in the current folder

  • back up your changes, while you work
  • make backup copies as needed, to save multiple versions
  • you can even make a PDF copy of your workbook, if needed
  • does not save your active file -- just creates a separate backup file

Cost: FREE

Questions and Support

Free Products

  • The free products on this page are provided as is, and no support is available.

Purchased Products

For Contextures Excel products that you previously purchased, support is still available.

  • Downloads: If you need to download the product again, use the original download link that you got after purchasing. Or, if you need a new link, please email me -- Debra Dalgleish - ddalgleish @
  • Questions: For most products, help pages are available. If you can't find an answer to your questions there, please email me -- Debra Dalgleish - ddalgleish @
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