Data Entry Popup List Kit

Drop down lists make data entry easier, but they have limitations, such as small fonts, and only showing a few items at a time. Overcome those limits with the Data Entry Popup List kit -- it creates a popup list that makes it even easier to enter your data. See how it works, in the video below.

Latest version: 6.13, Jan. 23, 2019 (Minor change to Setup file - fixed problem when re-installing forms)

Product name: Data Validation Multi Select Premium (DVMSP)

Better Than Drop Down Lists

  • Use any font or font size, to make the list easier to read
  • Make the list longer (an in-cell drop down only shows 8 items at a time)
  • No typing necessary -- just click the item(s) that you want
  • In a long list, you can type one letter, to go to that section of the list
  • Make multiple selections, or limit to one selection -- set the rules for specific columns
  • Allow users to add new items (optional)

multi select listbox

How It Works

When you click on a cell that contains a drop down list, the popup list will appear. Quickly scroll through the list, then select a single item, or multiple items -- you'll make that rule when customizing the list.


To see how the popup lists works, watch this short video.

Dependent Lists

Most dependent lists work too -- Canada was selected in column E, and the City list for Canada is shown in the popup list. In the screen shot below, the multi-select list is showing. You can show a single select list, if you prefer, in any column.

multi select listbox

Customize the Code in Easy Steps

To use the popup list, you will need the following Excel skills, to get your file ready:

  • create a named range (for the list of items) -- there are instructions and a video here: Create a Named Range
  • create drop down list(s) on the worksheet, based on the named range -- there are instructions and a video here: Create a Drop Down List

Then, it is easy to customize the Excel code:

  1. Open the Setup file that comes in the kit
  2. Select the options that you want
  3. Follow the simple steps to copy the forms and code to your file.

NOTE: The kit is designed for workbooks that do not have any existing Selection event macros on the worksheet. If you plan to integrate this code with existing code on the data entry sheet, you will need some programming skills, or assistance from a programmer.

customize the code

In the Kit

The DVMSP kit contains:

  • a 30 page user guide (PDF format), with written instructions and lots of screen shots
  • link to a step-by-step video that show how to copy the popup list and code into your file
  • instructions and screen shots, for copying the technique to your own workbooks
  • 3 Excel workbooks:
    • Setup File -- use this to customize the code, then copy it to your workbook
    • Practice File -- test the technique on this file
    • Demo File.-- see how the completed file works

NOTE: Excel 2007 and later, Windows only -- not guaranteed to work with Macintosh Excel

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Customer Reviews

Here is what our customers say about our Data Entry Popup List kit:

"This product is great, easy to use and customize to fit your needs. The autocomplete feature makes it easy for our employees to find what they are looking for in long lists.
This is a clean simple solution to a problem we were having. By adding a few macros we were able to make a form with drop downs reset after each use.
Have only had to reach out to get support once but heard back in under 10 minutes with the solution and had it fixed in another 5. What you get for the price is unbeatable. Highly recommended." -- Carl E., ulrich medical USA

Excel Versions

The sample files were built in Excel 2016, and the screen shots show that version. You can follow the instructions in other versions of Excel, with only minor differences in the worksheet appearance

  • This kit is for Excel 2007 or later .
  • It is for Windows versions only -- not designed for Macintosh Excel

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NOTE: Windows only -- not guaranteed to work on Macintosh

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Licensing the Data Entry Popup Kit

The Data Entry Popup (DVMSP) Kit licence is for a single (1) user. You may use the downloaded material for unlimited personal or business use, and you can share any workbooks that you create, in which you have inserted the DVMSP code and userforms.

However, the setup, practice and demo workbooks in the DVMSP kit, and their contents, cannot be shared with others, except in your completed workbooks.

Unconditional 30 Day Guarantee

After you purchase the Data Entry Popup Kit, you may return it for any reason, within 30 days. Your purchase amount will be fully refunded.


"clean simple solution...
Highly recommended"
-- Carl E



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