Excel Project Management Templates

Instead of starting from scratch each time, use Excel project management templates for your projects

Project Management Template Kit

There's an excellent variety of templates in the project management template kit, with 26 templates to choose from. You can track the small details, and manage the big picture, and share the project status with your boss and the project team.

Gantt Charts

With Gantt charts, you can see the timeline for your project, and how the project tasks will flow together, or if there will be overlaps that cause problems. The kit has 8 Gantt chart templates.

project plan gantt chart

Timesheet Templates

With the timesheets in the Excel Project Management Template kit, you can track individual or team efforts on the project You can also analyze time spent on various activities to find team members who are overloaded, or who can take on additional tasks.

time sheet template

To see the steps in creating a named Excel Table, you can watch this short video.

Issue trackers, Risk Logs & To Do Lists

Use the Issue trackers, risk logs and to do lists to keep track of the project details.

issue tracker template

Management Dashboard Templates

With the Management Dashboard templates, you can get an overview of the entire project. Instead of the details, see a summary of all the key components.

management dashboard template

Project Milestone Chart Templates

The milestone charts give you a visual summary of the project, and are a great way to share the updates with team members.

project milestone chart template

Project Management Chart Templates

The Burn Down and Burn Up charts provide another view of the project activities.

project management chart template

Pivot Tables

Another way to keep track of projects is with Excel pivot tables -- they are a great way to summarize your project data.

To see the steps for setting up a pivot table, you can watch this short video.


Last updated: November 17, 2022 10:47 AM