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See how to make an Excel pie chart, show pictures in a pie chart, show hidden data in a chart, and create an Excel line chart with a target range

How to Make a Pie Chart

A pie chart shows amounts as a percentage of the total amount. Other charts, such as a bar chart or a column chart, are better for showing the differences bwtween amounts.

If you need a pie chart, create a simple one, without special effects such as 3-D. Then, format the data labels, so the data is easier to understand. Watch this short video to see the steps for making and formatting an Excel pie chart. Go to the written instructions.

Add Pictures to a Pie Chart

Watch this video to see the steps for adding pictures in Excel pie chart slices.

Go to the written instructions.

Show Hidden Data in Chart

If you create an Excel chart, then hide rows or columns in your worksheet, the hidden data might also disappear from your chart. By default, Excel charts do not display the data in hidden rows and columns.

This video shows how to change an Excel chart's settings, so the hidden data will appear in the chart.

Create Line Chart With Target Range

In this video, we build an Excel line chart to show sales over six months, and show the target sales range in the chart's background. In the data, you will add the high and low values for the target range, and show that range in the background of the line chart.

Watch this short video to see the steps for making an Excel line chart with target range.

Excel Chart Utility

If you do lots of work with charts in Excel, save time with Jon Peltier's Excel Chart Utility.

Peltier Tech Charts for Excel 3.0

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