Excel Drop Down List Videos

Create a drop down list of items in a cell, with Excel's Data Validation feature. This will make data entry easier, and reduce input errors and typing mistakes.

The two videos below show the steps for making a basic drop down list in an Excel worksheet cell.

data validation drop down list in Excel

Create a Drop Down List in Excel

To create a drop down list in Excel 2010, you can name a list of items, based on a named Excel table. Then, use that list as the source for the Data Validation drop down list.

Watch the steps in this short video tutorial, and for written instructions on how to create a drop down list, see Excel Data Validation - Basics.

List on Different Sheet

If you prefer not to create a named Excel table, you can create a named range, and use that as the source for a drop down list. The drop down lists can be on the same sheet as the source list, or on a different sheet.

Watch this video to see the steps, and see the written instructions see Excel Data Validation - Basics

Next: Dependent Drop Downs

On the next video training page, see how to create dependent drop down lists with Excel Data Validation. For example, select Vegetable in column B, and see a drop-down list of vegetables in column C.

Click this link to go to Dependent Drop Down Videos page.

test the dependent drop down list

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