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How to format the data in pivot table subtotals, add multiple subtotals, create custom subtotals, and links to other Excel videos

subtotal with same date format

Date Format in Subtotals

When you add subtotals to a pivot table date field, there might be a different date format in the subtotals, compared to the rest of the dates in the field.

Watch thisshort video to see how to see why this happens, and see how to avoid the problem of different formats.

For detailed instructions and to download the sample file, see Pivot Table Subtotals.

Show Multiple Subtotals in Pivot Table

Excel pivot table subtotals are automatically created when you add more fields to Row and Column areas. This video shows how to change summary function, and create multiple subtotals

Custom Subtotals and Calculated Fields

In this short Excel video tutorial, you can see how to create custom subtotals for the inner and outer pivot table fields.


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