Excel Dashboard Tools
Save Time While Building
Better Dashboards
square bullet Hide or show multiple sheets at once so you can quickly set up your dashboard file
square bullet Protect or unprotect multiple sheets at once so you can prevent accidental changes to your data
square bullet Create a table of contents, with links to all sheets so you can quickly get to the sheets you need
square bullet Remove the scroll bars, sheet tabs, gridlines and headings, so your dashboard looks clean and professional
From the Desk of: Debra Dalgleish
I assume that since you're here, you've been looking for a way to make it easier to manage your Excel Dashboards.
You want to focus on presenting the data, and don't want to waste time organizing your workbook.
The Contextures Excel Dashboard Tools can do those time-consuming tasks for you. This Excel add-in helps you manage and format your Excel Dashboard. For example, select several worksheets and hide or protect them all at once, instead of changing the sheets one at a time. Select cells and change the text to upper case, with one click.
This add-in creates a Ribbon tab, and is for Excel 2013 / 2010 / 2007. It will not work in Excel 2003, and earlier versions. (Excel for Windows only -- Some features do not work in Excel for Macintosh)
Here are just a few of the features you'll find inside:
square bullet Multiple sheet protection
square bullet Quick table of contents
square bullet Show or hide several sheets at once
square bullet Remove all gridlines, headings and tabs
square bullet and many more tools
This is the tool kit that you've been looking for.
Contextures Excel Dashboard Tools
Save Time While Building
Better Dashboards
dashboard forms
Here's a list of Dashboard Tools
in more detail
green check Data Fix
Fill blank cells, clear filters in selected columns, change case in selected cells, and more.
data fix tools
green check Appearance
Show or hide gridlines, headings, scroll bars, tabs, and more.
appearance tools
green check Visibility and Protection
Show or hide multiple sheets, add or remove protection, with password if necessary.
visibility tools
green check Workbook Organization
Save the active workbook, sort the sheets, print a sheet list with links, and more.
workbook tools
green check Contextures
Visit the Contextures website, send an email, or go to the Help Page for this product.
contact contextures
Here are a few more benefits of having these amazing Dashboard Tools!
square bullet You can create a detailed list of sheets, to check for problems.
square bullet You can make quick backups while you work, to prevent losing your work.
square bullet You can quickly fix common data problems, such as upper case text, and blank cells
square bullet You can get ready to print, and set the page layout for all sheets.
Dashboard Tools Licensing
The Dashboard Tools add-in is licensed to a single user, and copies can be installed on that user's home and/or work computers. It may not be shared with other users.
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To Your Success,
-- Debra
P.S. This Excel add-in was designed to help you save time while building better dashboards So get this add-in now at this special pricing!

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