Excel Workbooks by Ron Coderre

Sample Excel files to download, provided by Ron Coderre.

Charts and Graphics

RCH0002 - Insert Pictures from Folder -- ShowFilePicsDemo demonstrates how to insert picture files (bmp, gif, jpg, etc) directly from a network or web folder into an Excel sheet by selecting an item from a cell data validation drop-down list. Created by Ron Coderre. 20-Sep-07 

RCH0001 - Pareto Plotter Contains a traditional Pareto Chart. Enter your categories and their values, then click a button. The program adjusts the chart columns in descending order and plots the cumulative total line (adjusting sizes so the line meets the upper right corner of the first column and the upper right corner of the chart area. Sample Excel template file from Ron Coderre. 23kb   Updated 27-Jul-06     go to top

Data Validation

RDV0001 - Flexible Item List -- Use formulas to automatically add new unique items to a data validation dropdown list. Sample Excel template file from Ron Coderre. 6kb   Updated 27-Jul-06     go to top

External Data

RED0003 - PivotPlay PLUS Add-in -- Facilitates changes to the connection strings and queries that extract the external source data that pivot tables use. Created by Ron Coderre. Updated 15-Mar-08    Detailed Instructions

RED0002 - Query Master -- Makes it easy for users who are knowledgable in SQL (but not VBA) to create a catalog of up to 10 queries that can be run on demand. Sample Excel template file from Ron Coderre. Updated 07-Aug-06  go to top

RED0001 - Pull Essbase Data into all Worksheets -- Copy your existing Essbase reports into this Excel template or build new ones. Then...with the click of a button... log-in to Hyperion Essbase (only one time!) and pull data into each worksheet in the workbook. Sample file from Ron Coderre. Updated 07-Aug-06  go to top

Excel Functions

RF0001- Convert Numbers to Words -- Two choices: VBA version or Non-VBA version. Both approaches translate numbers into their spelled words.

The VBA version ( offers the following features:

  • The NumsToWords() function, with parameters that allow you to change currencies and formats.
  • A sample sheet demonstrating usage of the function's parameters.
  • PLUS...If you're intimidated by VBA..Don't be!...Click one button and the function is automatically exported into any open workbook. You never have to touch or see the program.
The Non-VBA version ( ) offers these features:
  • An annotated list of the Named Constants and Named Formulas used to perform the translation without any VBA programming.
  • Instructions on how to easily export those ranges to any workbook.
  • This method does not generate a Macro warning when the Excel template file is opened (unless you have other VBA programs in your file). go to top

No help file is available for the sample Excel template files. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact 

These sample Excel template files are provided "as is" for the sole purpose of illustrating Excel techniques. The authors do not warrant that the Excel template examples will meet your requirements or that the operation of the Excel template examples will be error free.

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