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These Excel function sample files (links below) were created by Norman Harker, an Australian academic specialising in real estate appraisal, investment analysis and real estate financial feasibility studies.

Example Files and Add-ins

The files are provided "AS IS" with no warranties. They can be freely distributed and used without a licence, but may not be sold, or included as part of any other product without the written permission of Norman Harker & Associates. nharker@ozemail.com.au

Excel Function Samples -- a zipped Excel workbook that contains:
-- All Functions Sheet with Name, Source, Description, Syntax
-- Classified functions Sheets with Name, Source, Description, Syntax and separate listing
    of all arguments with descriptions for that classification.
-- All Arguments Sheet -- All Excel Arguments and Descriptions Apx01FuncList.zip 80 kb

ISO Week Number -- Excel add-in which contains a User-Defined function to calculate the ISO-compliant week number. ISOWEEKNUMNH.zip 9 kb


More Excel Files

Contextures Files


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Excel Sample File Notes

No help file is available for the sample Excel files. If you have comments or suggestions, please contact ddalgleish@contextures.com 

These Excel files are provided "as is" for the sole purpose of illustrating Excel techniques. The authors do not warrant that the Excel template examples will meet your requirements or that the operation of the Excel template examples will be error free.




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