Arrange Value Fields Vertically for Printing

When you need to print a pivot table, it might be best to arrange the value fields vertically, instead of horizontally. This arrangement can make the data easier to read on a printed page.

Video: Arrange Value Fields Vertically

Watch this video to see how to change the values fields to vertical layout, for better results when printing. The written steps are below the video.

Horizontal Values

In Excel, pivot tables can get quite wide, if there are column fields or multiple value fields. On a computer, you can quickly scroll left and right, to see all the data.

In the pivot table shown below, there are 3 Values fields. Those 3 fields are repeated for each of the items in the Column field.

pivot table value fields orizontal

Print a Pivot Table

If you need to print a pivot table, usually it's better to have the report in a vertical layout, so the data runs down the page.

A vertical layout makes the easier to read if it's included in a printed report, where all the other pages are in portrait layout.

People won't have to turn the report sideways, to read the pivot table, and you won't have to reduce the pviot table size, to make it fit across a single page.

Move Values Fields

When you create a new pivot table, Values go into the Columns area, by default. In the Columns area, the Values can stretch across the page, horizontally.

It’s easy to change the position of the Values, to make them vertical, and the results might be easier to print.

To move the Values, follow these steps:

  • Select any cell in the pivot table
  • In the PivotTable Field List, drag the Values field into the Rows area, below the ReqDate field

move values to row area

Vertical Values

In the screen shot below, the Values have been moved to the Row area, and the pivot table is much narrower. It will easier to read, if the pivot table is added to a printed report.

move values to row area

Get the Sample File

Vertical Values: To follow along with the video and written steps, you can get the Vertical Values sample file. The zipped file is in xlsx format, and does not contain macros.

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