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Excel Structure Topics on Contextures

Tips for Excel workbooks, worksheets, names, comments, and objects. Troubleshoot errors, add comments, set up named ranges, freeze panes, and more.

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Author: Debra Dalgleish

Excel Structure Tutorials

These tutorials have tips and examples for working with Excel worksheet and workbooks..

1 -- Excel Names -- Create Excel names that refer to cells, a constant value, or a formula. Use names in formulas, or quickly select a named range.

2 -- Excel Objects -- How to add objects, such as shapes and images, to a worksheet. If you copy data from a website, objects might also be copied. See how to list the objects on a sheet, or select and delete them

3 -- Excel Printing -- Easy steps show how to fix Excel printing problems. Fit all columns on 1 page, repeat headings on all pages, print gridlines, how to remove Page 1 in middle of sheet, and more Excel printing tips.

4 -- Excel Comments -- Add Excel pop-up comments to worksheets cells, to explain the contents, or to offer tips to users. Different ways to print comments - on the sheet, with triangles, with numbers. In Excel 365, these pop-up comments are called "Notes".

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Excel Structure Videos

Here's one of my latest Excel structure videos, and almost all of my Excel structure tutorial pages include a video too.

When you're working in Excel, you can create a new window for a workbook, and see two sheets at the same time. This short video shows the steps, and has a quick tip for moving sheets, so you don't have to waste time dragging them a long distance!

There are written steps, and sample file on the Excel Worksheet Tips page.

Excel Structure - Sample Files

Here are the download links for a couple of my latest Excel structure sample workbooks, and most of the tutorial pages include a sample file too.

More Workbooks: For even more sample files, go to the Excel Sample Files page, and scroll down to the Comments section.

UF0052 UF0052 - List and Close All Workbooks
At the end of the day, use this workbook to list and close all the open workbooks, except this macro file. The next day, open this macro file, then click a button to open all the files listed on the worksheet.
Instructions: In the workbook
Format: xlsm  Macros: Yes  Size: 64kb 
Excel File: 
List and Close Workbooks
CF0009 Add Sheet When File Opens -- Automatically add a new worksheet with the month name, when the Excel file opens at the start of the month. There are written steps on the Create Workbooks and Worksheets page.
Excel File:
Add Sheet When File Opens (has macros)

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