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Excel Video Shorts - Have Fun!

There are hundreds of Excel videos on the Contextures YouTube channel, and most of those videos are in the 2 to 4 minute range. This page has a different type of Excel video -- they're under a minute, and the Excel tips are presented in a fun way. The video presenter, Jason, is a comedian, so he's adding the "fun" part!

Author: Debra Dalgleish

Quick List of Dates

The Excel AutoFill feature can save you lots of time. You can quickly make a list of months, numbers, custom items, and dates too.

This short video shows how to make a list with dates in a series, or all the same.

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Close All Excel Files

This short TikTok video shows the steps to close all Excel windows, by using a command on the Windows Taskbar.

You can find the written steps on the Excel Application and File FAQs page.

@contextures Don’t close Excel files one at a time! Use Windows taskbar command #excel #exceltips #microsoftexcel #learnexcel #Contextures ♬ This Is How We Do It - Montell Jordan

Custom Colour Trick

If you're trying to select a custom colour, the Excel colour palette that opens is very small, and it's hard to click on the exact colour you need.

This video show a quick trick to make colour selection easier. When the palette opens, double-click the title bar, at the top of the palette window. The colour palette automatically expands in size, to fill the entire screen.

And click this link to get more Formatting Tips for your Excel files.


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