What's New in Microsoft Excel

Here is the latest news about Microsoft Excel, and updates on the Contextures website and blogs.

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New on Contextures

Contextures Blog: Add letter headings in Excel drop down, so it's easy to find items in long list. Optional macros add/remove headings. Jan 21, 2021

PowerPoint Slides: Macro quickly creates PowerPoint slides from Excel list. Fill 1 or 2 text boxes in each slide. Use all list items or specific items, based on criteria. Jan 20, 2021

Pivot Table Blog: For visual impact in an Excel pivot table, use conditional formatting data bars. Jan 13, 2020

Excel Newsletter: Read the latest issue - Quick division, pivot table data bars, and more. Don't miss the next issue - sign up to get it by email. Jan 12, 2021.

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Excel - What's New

To see the latest features and fixes in Excel, go to these pages on the Microsoft site and YouTube.

Microsoft 365 Apps: For the Monthly Enterprise Channel, go to this page for a list of new features and fixes in the latest versions.

Microsoft 365: To see new features demonstrated, go to the Microsoft 365 YouTube Channel. Look for the monthly videos on "What's New".

Excel Improvements: Excel users are encouraged to post improvement suggestions on Microsoft's Excel UserVoice website. To see the completed items from that list, go to this filtered list. There's also a list in this Excel Tech Community article, which is frequently updated.

Office Updates: For a list of all Office updates, going back to 2010, and other Microsoft resources, visit the Office Updates page. There is a Download PDF link, at the bottom left corner on that page.

Latest Contextures Video

Watch this short video to see how to use the SUMIFS function to sum items using 2 or more criteria

See the details, and get the sample workbook on the Excel Sum Functions page.

Previous News

Drop Downs: Add single-letter headings in Excel drop down, so it's easier to find items in long list. Use data validation and optional macros to add and remove headings Jan 14, 2021

Contextures Blog: Here's a quick Excel tip from Sarah, for dividing numbers without using a formula. Video and written steps. Jan 7, 2021

Audit Excel Formulas: On copy of active sheet, macro colour codes formula cells that have been copied across, down, or both. Spot problems and fix them. Dec 16, 2020

Pivot Table Blog: How to fix an Excel pivot table sorting problem, when the wrong item is stuck at the top of the list. Dec 16, 2020

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What's New in Microsoft Excel

What's New in Microsoft Excel


Last updated: January 21, 2021 10:19 AM
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