What's New in Microsoft Excel

Here is the latest news about Microsoft Excel, and updates on the Contextures website and blogs.

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New on Contextures

Contextures Blog: Find MAX and MIN with criteria using Excel formulas or a pivot table July 22, 2021

Pivot Table Blog: Select value cells in pivot table, and run this macro to quickly remove them all. July 7, 2021

Date Range: How to sum or count in Excel, based on a date range, and other criteria. May 26, 2021

Excel Newsletter: Read the latest issue - Microsoft survey, drop down problem, and more. Don't miss the next issue - sign up to get it by email. July 27, 2021.

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Excel - What's New

To see the latest features and fixes in Excel, go to these pages on the Microsoft site and YouTube.

Microsoft 365 Apps: For the Monthly Enterprise Channel, go to this page for a list of new features and fixes in the latest versions.

Microsoft 365: To see new features demonstrated, go to the Microsoft 365 YouTube Channel. Look for the monthly videos on "What's New".

Excel Improvements: Excel users are encouraged to post improvement suggestions on Microsoft's Excel UserVoice website. To see the completed items from that list, go to this filtered list. There's also a list in this Excel Tech Community article, which is frequently updated.

Office Updates: For a list of all Office updates, going back to 2010, and other Microsoft resources, visit the Office Updates page. There is a Download PDF link, at the bottom left corner on that page.

New Contextures Video

Watch this short video to see two common causes for MATCH errors, and how to fix those problems with a change to the formula.

See the details, and get the sample workbook on the INDEX and MATCH functions page.

Previous News

Contextures Blog: Here's an Excel roundup of articles on dashboards, tools, functions, and more, to get summer off to a great start! June 24, 2021

Pivot Table Blog: This Excel macro filters and prints a pivot table for each item in the Report Filter. It's a quick way to create printed reports. June 2, 2021

Contextures Blog: Why do Excel formulas stop working, and how can you fix them? June 10, 2021

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What's New in Microsoft Excel

What's New in Microsoft Excel


Last updated: July 27, 2021 11:23 AM
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