Gluten Free Recipes and Links

Gluten Free products and links, and gluten free cookbooks that I use and recommend.

Gluten Free Cookbooks

The following cookbooks, with no-gluten recipes, are ones that I own and enjoy using.
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The Gluten-Free Gourmet Cooks Fast and Healthy: Wheat-Free Recipes With Less Fuss and Less Fat
by Bette Hagman
I especially enjoy the bread recipes in this cookbook. The book could be improved by adding nutritional details, e.g. calories, fat, to the recipes.

Eating Gluten Free
by Shreve Stockton.
This cookbook has helpful tips, very nice page layout, and simple, tasty recipes

Amazing Gluten-free Bread & Cakes from your Breadmaker
by Carolyn Humphries. This cookbook has a great collection of bread recipes, with clear, easy-to-follow instructions

Healthy Gluten-Free Cooking
by Darina Allen and Rosemary Kearney. A beautiful book, with some recipes that are a bit complicated, but definitely worth the effort.go to top


Gluten Free Food

The following food items are ones that I have tried. Point to a heading, to see product information from web site for that food item. Click on the link in the product information, to go to the site.

Glutino Gluten-Free Breadsticks, Pizza Flavor
Nice with a salad, or break them up to make tasty croutons.

EnviroKidz Crispy Rice Bar, Peanut Butter
Great to carry in your briefcase for an emergency lunch or snack, these bars come in peanut butter, chocolate and berry flavours. Very tasty.

Glutino Gluten-Free Brown Rice Pasta
Excellent pasta. A bit more expensive than some other gluten-free pastas, but worth the extra price.

Mi-Del Gluten Free Cookies
These cookies are available in a variety of flavours, including ginger snaps, pecan, and chocolate chips. The ginger snaps have a rather strong ginger taste. All are good, and moderately priced, compared to some other gluten-free brands.

Piller's Foods
Delicious meat products from an Ontario food company. Except for the crepes, most items are wheat and gluten free, and many omit other allergens as well.

Other food products are available from Amazon, and are included in My Gluten Free Store, in the Gluten Free Food section.go to top

Gluten Free Beer

There aren't too many types of beer that are gluten free, but I've found a couple here in Canada. They're made by Les bières de la Nouvelle-France (BNF) microbrewery in Quebec. Very nice for a summer afternoon on the patio.

Messagère is a gluten free pale ale

Messagère Red Ale is a gluten free rice and buckwheat beergo to top

Gluten Free Links

The following web sites have information on gluten free cooking and health issues.

Canadian Celiac Association

Gluten-free Ontario -- List of Celiac-Friendly Restaurants and Bakeries

Gluten Free Food Reviews

Food Allergy Alert Card -- print copies to take with you to restaurants go to top

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