Links to Other Excel Related Sites

Recommended Excel site links for general information, charts, functions and Excel blogs

Everything you wanted to know about Excel

Chip Pearson's site

Mr. Excel (Bill Jelen) site

Chandoo's site


Jon Peltier's site -- excellent source of charting information, and a great charting utility

Andy Pope's site -- amazing demos of what you can do with Excel

Rob Bovey's XY Chart Labeler - an absolute must-have!

Functions and Add-ins

Bob Phillips' site

Ron de Bruin's site (also see Excel Function Bible by Ron and Norm Harker)

Andrew Engwirda's site

Excel Blogs

Andrew Engwirda 

Daily Dose of Excel (Dick Kusleika)  

Excel And Access (Dick Moffat)  

Excel Do Dynamic Does (Bob Phillips)  

Excel Team Blog (Microsoft)  

Jan Karel Pieterse Excel add-ins 

JP's Excel/Outlook

Ken Puls Blog 

PeltierTech Blog (Jon Peltier)  

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