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Annoying Excel Hyperlink Problems

July 26, 2016

Annoying hyperlink problems, and more, in this week's Excel news. During the summer months I'll send Excel news once every two weeks, so you will get the next news on August 9th. My Excel website is always open though!

Quick Clicks

If you have favourite commands on the Excel Ribbon, you can quickly add those to the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT), so they're easier to use.

You don't need to go into Excel options -- just right-click the command on the Ribbon, and click Add to Quick Access Toolbar.

You can even put a group of commands on the QAT -- just right-click on a group name in the Ribbon, such as the Number group on the Home tab.

commands on QAT

Annoying Hyperlink Problems

Last week, I spent a lot of time fighting with Microsoft Office. At one point, if I clicked a hyperlink in Excel or Outlook, an error message appeared, telling me to contact my help desk. If only I had one! To fix that error, I had to load Internet Explorer, and make it the default browser.

Another annoying problem with hyperlinks is that sometimes when you click them, their formatting changes, and Nancy emailed me to ask how to prevent that.

1) To control the font and font size, go to the Home tab on the Excel Ribbon, and click Cell Styles. Right-click the Hyperlink style, and click Modify. Then, click the Format button, and on the Font tab, select the font type and size that you want, and click OK, twice, to exit. NOTE: This only affects the current workbook.

2) If you don't want the hyperlink to turn purple after it's clicked, go to the Page Layout tab on the Excel Ribbon. In the Themes section, click Colors, then Customize Colors. At the bottom of the list, change the "Followed Hyperlink" colour, so it's the same as the Hyperlink colour. Type a name for your new Theme, then click Save.

There's more Hyperlink information on my website.

change hyperlink colour

Excel Articles

Here are a couple of Excel articles I read recently, that you might find useful.

Free Microsoft Guides - Download free eBooks from Microsoft. There are 200+ titles, ranging from Excel keyboard shortcut lists to full books, like the 318 page DAX Reference for PowerPivot. (Level - All)

Show Table Name - On my blog, AlexJ showed how to use a custom formula to show the name of a table or pivot table, in a worksheet cell. (Level - Intermediate)

More Excel Articles -- Visit my Excel website for many more tutorials and videos. And for a bit of fun, read my weekly collection of entertaining Excel tweets.

Also, see all my Excel products on my Contextures website.

Staying Cool

It's been really hot here for the past couple of weeks. When my granddaughter came to visit, we filled the small pool with water, and stayed in the shade of our little catalpa tree. The pool is too small for swimming, but she had fun playing with the water, and dumping buckets onto herself, as you can see. I hope you're finding ways to stay cool too!

weekly photo

That's it for this week! If there are topics that you'd like to see covered in future emails, please let me know.

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