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Excel VLOOKUP Solutions

February 14, 2017

Solutions to the VLOOKUP problem, and more, in this week's Excel news. Visit my Excel website for many more tips, tutorials and videos -- let me know if you're looking for something and can't find it there.

Why Use Power BI?

If you're already an enthusiastic Power BI user, you can skip this section! Most of us need a little push though, and Matt Allington put together a list of 30 reasons to use Power BI. For example, you can connect to almost any data source, create impressive visualizations from the data, and drill down to the details.

If you're ready to learn more about Power BI, Mynda Treacy is hosting a free Power BI Webinar this week. She'll build 2 interactive dashboards during the hour-long webinar, to give you a quick overview of what you can achieve with the free suite of Power BI tools.

Power BI Webinar


Thank you for sending your solutions to last week's VLOOKUP problem. The formula showed an #N/A error, instead of the correct information, when looking up category names based on 3-digit codes.

The problem occurred because the 3-digit code was text, so it didn't match the real numbers in the lookup table. To fix the problem, most of you used the VALUE function, or multiplied the code by 1.

  • Some people changed the 3-digit code formula: =VALUE(LEFT(A2,3))
  • Others made a change in the VLOOKUP formula: =VLOOKUP([@Code]*1,tblCat,2,0)

There were many different solutions, so read more about them on my website, and download the completed workbook too.

VLOOKUP solutions

Excel Articles

Here are a couple of recent Excel articles that you might find useful.

Excel Code Tools - If you do any programming in Excel, Andrew Engwirda has just released the final free version of his VBE Tools. Clean up the project code, compare code, indent or add line numbers, and many more features. (Level - Intermediate/Advanced)

Excel Dashboards - The winner of Chandoo's 2016 Dashboard contest explains how he planned and built his dashboard. Great tips and details, with links to a video and other resources. (Level - All)

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Canadian Valentine

Happy Valentine's Day! We had a snow storm on Sunday, with the fluffy white stuff piling up in the yard, and on the roads. While I stayed warm and dry inside the house, my husband ventured out to get me a Tim Horton's coffee. That's true love, Canadian style!

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