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Excel Popup Slicer Trick #2

August 8, 2017

Messy charts, converting measurements, and more, in this week's Excel news. Visit my Excel website for many more tips, tutorials and videos. We're on our summer schedule now, so the next newsletter will arrive on August 22nd.

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On Demand Slicers

Last time, you saw AlexJ's pop up Slicer trick #1 - click a small button on the worksheet to open the Slicer. It's a great way to use a large Slicer, without taking room on the worksheet.

If you have multiple Slicers, try AlexJ's "on demand" Slicers technique instead. Click on a cell at the top of the worksheet, and the Slicer for that cell appears. In the screen shot below, I clicked on the Category cell, and the Category Slicer appeared in column C. If I click OrderYr, its Slicer will show up in the same spot, and the Category Slicer is hidden.

You can get all the details on my blog, and there is a workbook to download too.

On Demand Slicers

CONVERT Function

The CONVERT function lets you change a value from one type of measurement to another. For example, change a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit, or change distance from miles to kilometres.

I use CONVERT in the Recipe Calculator sheet of my Calorie Counter workbook. If your favourite recipes list the ingredients in cups and ounces, Excel will calculate the amounts in litres and grams.

To see how the function works, download my CONVERT workbook that shows all the measurement categories and codes. You can add prefixes too, like "k" (kilo) and "M" (mega).


CONVERT function

Excel Articles

Here are a couple of recent Excel articles that you might find useful or interesting.

Charts - There are no swear words in this story, but apparently some were used when the Science Goddess built this messy chart. She usually works in Excel, so this chart is certainly different! (Level - All)

Quick Tip - Chandoo shows how to quickly unprotect multiple worksheets -- all in one place. You'll have to enter the password for each sheet, but it's nice to see everything at once. (Level - All)

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Our New Pet

Everyone online posts pictures of their cute cats and dogs. So, for the first time in my life, we've got a pet too. It's a FurReal Friends Bootsie cat, and it has a variety of sounds, moods, and movements -- just like a real cat. But, it's perfect for people who have allergies, and you don't need to clean up after it!

If anyone asks, we bought it for our grandkids to play with. Nobody has to know that I keep it in my office.

weekly photo

That's it for this week! Watch for the next newsletter in 2 weeks.

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