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Excel Lookup Formula

May 14, 2019

Create Excel names, another lookup formula, and more, in this week's Excel news. Visit my Excel website for more tips, tutorials and videos, and check the index for past issues of this newsletter.

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Lookup Formula

In last week's newsletter, I used the LOOKUP function to get the last number from a column. After seeing that example, someone asked me what formula would return the last entry in a column, for text or numbers. Here's the sample data, and the result in cell D2 should be "yes".

What lookup formula would you use? My solution is below the screen shot.

LOOKUP last entry - text or number

With values in cells B1:B6, I used this formula to get the last entry that's text or a number:


Here's how it works -- The formula tests each entry to see if it's "not equal to" an empty string (<>""), and returns TRUE (1) or FALSE (0)


Then, 1 is divided by each result, and returns either a 1 or a #DIV/0! error.

LOOKUP divide 1 by result

The lookup value is 2, which won't be found, because the highest number is 1.

Since it can't find a 2, the formula finds the position of the last number 1, and returns the value ("yes") at that location.

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Excel Names

In last week's LOOKUP formula, there was a strange-looking number: 9.99999999999999E+307. It's the largest number you can type into an Excel cell.

Instead of putting that confusing number into the formula, you could define a name, using that value. Then, put the "friendly" name into the formula, so you don't scare your co-workers.

To create the name:

  • Copy the number from the formula bar
  • On Excel's Formula tab, click Define Name
  • Type a name, e.g. XL_Max
  • Leave the scope as Workbook
  • Type a comment that explains what the number is
  • Right-click the Refers To box, and click Paste, then click OK

define a name

  • Then, put that name into the formula, to replace the number.

use name in formula

Read more about Excel Names on my Contextures site.

Excel Articles

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Tulip Festival

If you're in the Ottawa area this week, be sure to visit the Canadian Tulip Festival. It runs until Monday, May 20th - our Victoria Day holiday. The festival was founded as "a celebration and a remembrance of the Dutch gift of Tulips to Canada’s Capital", after WWII. My parents took me to the festival, long ago, and I think people dress a bit more casually now!

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