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Excel Tiny Font Fix

February 4, 2020

Pivot table trick, drop down font too small, and more, in this week's Excel news. Visit my Excel website for more tips, tutorials and videos, and check the index for past issues of this newsletter.

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Font Too Small

Data entry is easier with a data validation drop down list in Excel. However, I can barely read those lists, because the font only 8pt, and there's no setting to make it bigger.

To fix the problem, you can show a pop-up combo box, instead of that drop down list. You can make the font bigger in a combo box, and when you start typing, it autocompletes the matching item.

data validation combo box

There's a video on the data validation combo box page that shows how the combo box works.

Change the Zoom

Another way to make the font look bigger, is to increase the zoom on the worksheet.

Macro: To temporarily increase the zoom, use a zoom macro from my Data Validation Tips page.

No Macro: For a non-macro solution, John Culley suggests setting the sheet's zoom setting to 120%, so the drop down font looks larger. Then, reduce the font size in the worksheet cells, to make everything else look a normal size. For example, change 12 pt font to 10 point, as I did on the worksheet shown below.

change zoom setting to make list font look larger

On Contextures

Here are a couple of recent items from my Contextures site and blogs.

Documentation: Do you keep notes about your complex Excel formulas and macro? If you do, what's your system?

Pivot Tables: Occasionally, I hide pivot table buttons and labels, to prevent people from making accidental changes to the filters and layout.

pivot table labels and buttons

Excel Articles

Here are a few Excel-related articles that you might find useful or interesting.

Filters: Bill Jelen and Roger Govier use macros to show which Excel columns are filtered (Level-Int/Adv)

Data Analysis: If you ever work with messy data in Excel, you'll relate to the data nightmare problems that Dr. Kate Lakowski had, when using someone else's data. What a tangled "web" it was! (Level -All)

Excel Humour: See what people said about Excel recently. Are pivot tables the high-water mark of Excel skills?

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Lazy Soup

We make lots of soup in the winter, and I chop the vegetables with the lazy method. Put vegetable chunks into the blender, cover with water, and hit the grate button for a few seconds. Then, strain the water out, or just dump it all into the slow cooker, with a few more ingredients.

It's not pretty, but it's quick, and the onions don't cause tears! This was for Vegan Cabbage Soup, with a few extra seasonings thrown in.

weekly photo

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Debra Dalgleish

Debra Dalgleish

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