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Digital Photography Tutorials

Cambridge in Colour

The Cambridge in Colour site has a long list of free tutorials, from beginner to advanced topics

Photography Articles and Tutorials

Great tips and tutorials on the Canva website, such as Working with Light, Improve Your Travel Photography and Composition Basics.

Digital Photography Blogs

My Photography Equipment

These days, I use my iPhone to take photos and videos. It's always in my pocket, and it takes great quality pictures.


You can get lens attachments for iPhones too, if you want to try different types of shots. My son has tried some, and had fun with the lens attachments, but I just stick with the basic lens.

lens attachments

Before I had an iPhone, I used a Nikon D40 SLR camera for photos and videos. It's certainly bigger than a phone, but this camera is lightweight and easy to use, despite its many features!

That camera only comes out on special occasions now, when I want to take distance photos, or get in really close.

You can find a good selection of Nicon DSLR cameras on Amazon.





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