Pivot Table Topics

This topics list is for the pivot table tutorials that are located here, on the Contextures website.

Get Started with Pivot Tables

How to Create a Pivot Table

How to Plan and Set Up a Pivot Table

Interactive Excel Pivot Table Demo

Adjust the Field List

Pivot FAQs

Pivot Table Select

Pivot Table Shortcuts

Pivot Charts

Create a Pivot Chart

Create a Pivot Chart

Combination Column Line

Compare Years

Change a Pivot Chart

Change All Pivot Charts With One Filter

Data Source, Change

Layout, Change

Number Formatting

Pivot Filters and Slicers

Pivot Table Date Filters

Pivot Table Filters - Top 10

Label Filters

Multiple Filters in Pivot Fields

Pivot Table Slicers

Report Filters 2007

Video - Pivot table Filters

Pivot Table Slicers

Value Group Slicers

Pivot Table Calculations

Calculated Fields & Calculated Items

Calculated Field vs Calculated Item

Calculated Field

Calculated Field Count

Remove Calculated Field

Calculated Item

Custom Calculations

Create a List of Pivot Table Formulas

Summary Functions

Default Functions in a Pivot Table

Summary Functions

Count Blanks

Count Unique Items

Unique Count in Pivot Table

Show Values As

Show Values As

Difference From

Pivot Table Running Totals

Running Total Stops at Year End

Formulas and Functions

Fiscal Year and Month Totals

Turn Off GetPivotData Formulas

Use Dates in GetPivotData Formula

Pivot Table Layout

Pivot Fields

Arrange Data Horizontally

Pivot Table Layout

Report Layout

Expand and Collapse Pivot Fields

Field Settings

List all Pivot Fields with Details

Move Row Labels in Pivot Table

Pivot Items

Remove Old Items

Show/Hide Items

Value Fields

Data Fields

Show Text Values

Time Values

Pivot Macros

Pivot Table Macros

Edit Recorded Pivot Table Macro

List All Pivot Tables

Report Layout Macros

Report Filters, Change With Macro

Paste Format and Values

Remove Pivot Fields with Macros(Normal or OLAP)

Remove Calculated Field With Macro

Report Layout Macro

Reset Pivot Item Caption Macro

Pivot Power Free Add-in

"Sum of" Headings - Macros to Remove

Copy Pivot Table Values and Format - Macro

Source Data Macros

Source Data Macros

Unpivot Source Data - Macro

Pivot Chart Macros

Pivot Chart Macros

Source Data and Refresh

Automatically Include New Data

DrillDown (Show Details)

Filter Source Data

Pivot Table from Multiple Sheets

Power Query Combine Tables

Locate and Fix Source Data

Recreate Source Data

Show Details (DrillDown)

Unpivot Source Data - Manually

Pivot Cache

Pivot Table Refresh

Refresh on Protected Sheet

Totals and Grouping

Create Multiple Pivot Table Subtotals

Show Subtotals at Top or Bottom

Show or Hide Subtotals

Grand Totals

Manually Group Pivot Items

Pivot Table Grouping Affects Another Pivot Table

Formatting and Printing


Add Comments in a Pivot Table

Copy a Custom Pivot Table Style

Copy Pivot Table Format and Values

Pivot Table Conditional Formatting

Pivot Table Conditional Formatting - Weekends

"Sum of" Headings and Blank Labels, Fix


Pivot Table Printing

Repeat Headings When Printing

Vertical Values for Printing

Troubleshoot & Protection

Sorting a Pivot Field: New Items Out of Order

Hide Error Values in Pivot Table

Pivot Table Errors

Pivot Table Protection

Block Features, Data Model

Power Pivot & Power Query

PowerPivot from Identical Sources

Power Pivot Resources

Power Query Combine Tables



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