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Data Fields Commands

Apply summary functions to selected fields, or to all fields in the pivot table. Apply the Show Values As setting to selected value fields.

apply Show Values As setting

Data Fields Video

Watch this video for a quick tour of the Data Fields commands on the PPP tab in Excel. It shows how to:

  • Quickly change all Values to SUM
  • Change the summary function for all Values to a different function, such as AVERAGE
  • For pivot tables based on the Data Model, you can also change to the DISTINCT COUNT function
  • Or, select one or more Value fields, and change the summary function in those fields, without affecting the other Values.
  • With the Show SEL As command, choose a different calculation for one or more selected Value fields. For example, show as percent of Column Total, or show a Running Total. (Also see the Show SEL video below)
  • For some of the calculation options, a dialog box appears, where you can select a Base Field, and sometimes a Base Item.

Show SEL As

This video shows how to use the Show SEL As commands




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