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Pivot Fields and Items

Change settings for pivot fields and pivot items, clear old items from the pivot table.

Pivot Fields and Items

Pivot Fields and Items Video

Watch this video for a quick tour of the Pivot Fields and Items commands on the PPP tab in Excel. It shows how to:

  • Quickly change the data retention setting with the Clear Old Items command
  • Remove Sum Of from selected Value Headings, or all Value Headings
  • Clear all fields, to get a fresh start
  • Add a few fields to the pivot table layout, then quickly add all the remaining fields to the row or Values area
  • Select one or more Value fields, and remove them from the layout
  • For pivot items, show items with no data, or repeat the item labels.
  • If there are blank items, choose to show or hide them.

Pivot Fields

Remove All Selected Value Fields

Select one or more value fields, and use this command to remove them from the pivot table layout.

  • Click on a value field cell, then press the Ctrl key, and select other value fields
  • On the PPP tab, click Pivot Fields, then click Remove All Selected Value Fields

Remove All Selected Value Fields





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