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Store, name, and apply up to 5 groups of Preferences, to save time after creating a pivot table.

Preferences Video

Watch this video for a quick tour of the Preferences commands on the PPP tab in Excel. It shows how to:

  • Store your favourite pivot table settings
  • Get settings from the selected pivot table
  • Apply Setting 1 to ALL or Selected pivot table
  • See a list of stored settings
  • Export your settings, and import to a new version of PPP

Pivot Prefs

The Pivot Prefs command opens a form where you can turn your favourite pivot table and worksheet settings on or off. Then, select any pivot table, and apply your stored preferred settings quickly and easily. 

The preference settings are briefly described in the PPP_SetPrefOptions.xlsx file that was in the zipped download file.


  • The Get PT Settings button captures settings from the selected pivot table, into the Pref Setting that is selected at the top of the form
  • The Save & Apply button saves your settings, and applies ┬áthe selected “Prefs to Apply” settings to the selected pivot table, or all pivot tables in the active workbook.
  • The Save & Close button saves the settings, but does not apply them immediately
The Close button closes the form, without saving any changes to the settings. 






Last updated: January 16, 2019 2:57 PM