Excel 2007 Articles List

These article were published in 2005-2006, when Microsoft was preparing to release Microsoft Office 2007. Links to articles on the new and revised features in Excel 2007

NOTE; Some links may no longer work, if Microsoft has deleted or moved the original articles.

Topic Article Title Author Date
Accessibility Accessibility Begets Usability Jensen Harris 3-Nov-05
Add-Ins Developing Add-ins (XLLs) in Excel 2007 Steve Dalton 04-Oct-06
Add-Ins Hey, Where Did Solver Go? David Gainer 09-Sep-06
Analysis Services SQL Server Analysis Services support - the list David Gainer 08-Feb-06
Analysis Services Data Mining In Excel David Gainer 21-Feb-07
Build Number Decoding Office Build Numbers Jensen Harris 11-Nov-05
Business Intelligence Business Intelligence in Excel 2007 [Video clips] Mike Arcuri 21-Feb-06
Calculation Excel And High-Performance Computing Part I David Gainer 26-Jun-06
Calculation Multi-threaded calculation in Excel, or “how calculation can become much faster in Excel 12 David Gainer 3-Nov-05
Charts Chart Pattern Fills Eric Patterson 16-Nov-07
Charts Charting V - PivotCharts David Gainer 19-Apr-06
Charts Charting IV – Charts in PowerPoint and Word David Gainer 17-Apr-06
Charts Charting III – Tabs and Templates David Gainer 13-Apr-06
Charts Charting II - Professional charts, made easy (continued) David Gainer 12-Apr-06
Charts Charting I - Professional charts, made easy David Gainer 11-Apr-06
Charts Quick Detour: cool things on the status bar and great-looking charts David Gainer 18-Nov-05
Compatibility PivotTable Compatibility Eric Patterson


Compatibility Deprecated Features for Charting Eric Patterson


Compatibility Deprecated Features Eric Patterson


Compatibility Conditional Formatting Compatibility Eric Patterson


Compatibility Compatibility Checker Eric Patterson


Compatibility Compatibility Mode Eric Patterson 10-Aug-06
Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting Trick 3 - The percentmin Property David Gainer 20-Sep-06
Conditional Formatting Fun With Conditional Formatting David Gainer 19-Jul-06
Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting Trick 2 - How to get an icon in some cells, but not all cells David Gainer 10-May-06
Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting Trick 1 - Multi-Coloured Data Bars David Gainer 24-Feb-06
Conditional Formatting It's Gonna Be A Hot Summer Jensen Harris 10-Feb-06
Conditional Formatting Conditional formatting using VBA - some examples  David Gainer 14-Oct-05
Conditional Formatting More about conditional formatting ...  David Gainer 13-Oct-05
Conditional Formatting Conditional formatting meets the ribbon  David Gainer 12-Oct-05
Conditional Formatting New conditional formatting "rules" ... David Gainer 11-Oct-05
Conditional Formatting Wrapping up new visualizations - icon sets  David Gainer 9-Oct-05
Conditional Formatting We now return to conditional formatting - what's a colour scale?  David Gainer 6-Oct-05
Conditional Formatting Conditional Formatting - overview of what we did, and what's a “data bar”?  David Gainer 4-Oct-05
Connections Managing External Database Connections in Excel 12 David Gainer 16-Feb-06
Content Management The Microsoft Enterprise Content Management Offering    13-Sep-05
Developers Quick detour #3: Updates we have made to XLLs David Gainer 03-Jan-06
Excel Services Making Excel Services UDFs work on Excel Client - Part 3 Shahar Prish 07-Mar-07
Excel Services Data-Type Handling with Excel Services User-Defined Functions David Gainer 31-Jan-07
Excel Services Whitepaper - External Data Connections For Excel Services David Gainer 04-Dec-06
Excel Services Using Parameters In Dashboards Dan Parish 25-Sep-06
Excel Services Another Whitepaper - Developing UDFs for Excel 2007 and Excel Services David Gainer 22-Sep-06
Excel Services Making Excel Services UDFs Work in Excel 2007 David Gainer 01-Sep-06
Excel Services Making Excel Services UDFs Work in Excel 2007 - Part 2 Shahar Prish 30-Aug-06
Excel Services Making Excel Services UDFs Work in Excel 2007 - Part 1 Shahar Prish 03-Aug-06
Excel Services Building Custom Solutions with Excel Services [video] Danny Khen 06-May-06
Excel Services VB.NET example for the Programming against Excel Services APIs Shahar Prish 27-Mar-06
Excel Services First "Hello World" code sample with the Excel Services APIs Shahar Prish 24-Mar-06
Excel Services Excel services part 12: Unsupported features David Gainer 1-Dec-05
Excel Services Excel services part 11: Excel Server, SharePoint, and dashboards David Gainer 30-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel services part 10: Data Connection Libraries, or connecting to databases made easy, manageable, and secure David Gainer 29-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel services part 9: Controlling and protecting spreadsheets cont'd David Gainer 23-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel services part 8: Controlling and protecting spreadsheets David Gainer 22-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel services part 7: Sample Application with Excel Web Services David Gainer 21-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel services part 6: Building applications with Excel Web Services David Gainer 17-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel services part 5: all about “interactivity” David Gainer 16-Nov-05
Excel Services How do I publish workbooks to the server? David Gainer 11-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel Services - Architecture David Gainer 10-Nov-05
Excel Services Excel Services - Key Scenarios David Gainer 9-Nov-05
Excel Server Introduction to Excel Services, or “running Excel spreadsheets on a server” David Gainer 8-Nov-05
File Format Working With Excel's XML-Based File Formats David Gainer 21-Aug-07
File Format Simple SpreadsheetML file (part 2 of 3) Brian Jones


File Format Simple SpreadsheetML file Part 1 of 3 Brian Jones 2-Nov-06
File Format SpreadsheetML Dates Brian Jones 25-Oct-06
File Format All About File Formats David Gainer 20-Jul-06
File Format SpreadsheetML News David Gainer 06-Apr-06
File Format Microsoft Office Open XML Formats Architecture Guide     15-Sep-05
File Format Microsoft Office Open XML Formats Guide     15-Sep-05
File Format Microsoft Office Open XML Formats FAQs    13-Sep-05
File Format Microsoft Office Open XML Formats Overview    13-Sep-05
Filter Tables Part 4: AutoFilter improvements: much more than just multi-select …  David Gainer 1-Nov-05
Fonts Making the Letters Better Jensen Harris 15-Nov-05
Formatting Headers and Footers in Excel 2007 David Gainer 10-Apr-06
Formatting Page Layout View David Gainer 05-Apr-06
Formatting PivotTable Styles David Gainer 31-Mar-06
Formatting Table S tyles in Excel 2007 David Gainer 30-Mar-06
Formatting Cell Styles - More Usable, better defaults David Gainer 29-Mar-06
Formatting Document Themes Part II David Gainer 24-Mar-06
Formatting Document Themes Part I David Gainer 23-Mar-06
Formatting Excel 2007 documents - easy on the eyes David Gainer 13-Mar-06
Formatting Quick detour #2: Working with currencies made easy David Gainer 2-Dec-05
Formatting Formatting: An Act In Three Plays  Jensen Harris 22-Sep-05
Formula Bar Formula building improvements Part 4: Defined Names  David Gainer 21-Oct-05
Formula Bar Formula editing improvements Part 3: new functions  David Gainer 20-Oct-05
Formula Bar Formula editing improvements Part 2: Formula AutoComplete  David Gainer 19-Oct-05
Formula Bar Meet the Excel 12 formula bar, or “don't hijack my grid!”  David Gainer 18-Oct-05
Functions CUBE Functions 4: Deconstructing the PivotTable David Gainer 15-Feb-06
Functions CUBE Functions 3: Formula AutoComplete revisited David Gainer 09-Feb-06
Functions CUBE Functions 2: A Few Examples David Gainer 06-Feb-06
Functions The Excel 12 Blog Rides Again, or “CUBE Functions Part 1” David Gainer 02-Feb-06
Graphics SmartArt Graphics with Style David Gainer 16-May-06
Graphics Introducing SmartArt Graphics David Gainer 15-May-06
Keyboard 4 More Shortcut Keys David Gainer 28-Jun-06
Keyboard Charlie's List, or “214 Keyboard Shortcuts” David Gainer 23-Feb-06
Keyboard Stroking the Keys in Office 12  Jensen Harris 13-Oct-05
Limits We interrupt conditional formatting for a brief message about undo/redo and PDF…  David Gainer 5-Oct-05
Limits Some other numbers ...  David Gainer 26-Sep-05
Migration New Whitepaper - Migrating to Excel 2007 David Gainer 02-Mar-07
Office Blogs Office 12: It's Not Just UI  Jensen Harris 28-Sep-05
Overview More places to learn about Excel 12 ...  David Gainer 29-Sep-05
Overview The big picture ...   David Gainer 28-Sep-05
PDF Support Microsoft's Steven Sinofsky Discusses Support for the PDF Format in Office “12”  Microsoft 2-Oct-05
Performance Improving Performance in Excel 2007 Charles Williams 23-Oct-06

xtreme pivot tables

Topic Article Title Author Date
PivotTables Designing SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Cubes for Excel 2007 PivotTables Microsoft 9-Apr-07
PivotTables Pivot Tables grand finale: Tricks with the Value field David Gainer 13-Jan-06
PivotTables PivotTables 12: Filtering OLAP data, and some “persistence” improvements David Gainer 12-Jan-06
PivotTables PivotTables 11: Key Performance Indicators, Actions, and Named Sets David Gainer 10-Jan-06
PivotTables PivotTables X: Server formatting, translations, member properties David Gainer 05-Jan-06
PivotTables PivotTables 9: Great support for SQL Server Analysis Services David Gainer 29-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables VIII: “Defer Layout Update”, or adding multiple fields in one fell swoop David Gainer 22-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables VII: Conditional formatting gets even better, or visualizing your data in PivotTables David Gainer 21-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables VI: Sorting and Filtering David Gainer 20-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables V: Context menus David Gainer 15-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables part 4: Task-oriented UI, or “improvements the Ribbon affords us”, and some bonus talk about dialogs David Gainer 14-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables part 3: More clickable, more compact, and nicely styled  David Gainer 13-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables part 2: Creating summary reports made easy  David Gainer 9-Dec-05
PivotTables PivotTables - overview of improvements in Excel 12  David Gainer 6-Dec-05
Programming Developer Resources for Office 2007 RTM Jensen Harris 13-Nov-06
Programming Final Schema for RibbonX-based Solutions Jensen Harris 26-Oct-06
Programming Excel 2007 & Internet Explorer David Gainer 26-Sep-06
Programming Referencing Tables From RefEdit Controls Sam Radakovitz 05-Sep-06
Programming The Add-In Tab David Gainer 12-Aug-06
Programming Sam On Forms Controls Sam Radakovitz 16-Aug-06
Programming Developer Tab David Gainer 15-Aug-06
Programming Trust Center Part 5: Data Connection Security Sam Radakovitz 3-Aug-06
Programming Trust Center Part 4: Trusted Locations Sam Radakovitz 1-Aug-06
Programming Trust Center Part 3: Making Sense of Security Settings Sam Radakovitz 28-Jul-06
Programming Trust Center Part 2: Trust Bar - Eliminating Unnecessary Trust Decisions Sam Radakovitz 26-Jul-06
Programming Trust Center Part 1: Principles Sam Radakovitz 24-Jul-06
Programming XLLs: A New Way To Optimize David Gainer 13-Jul-06
Programming Custom Task Panes David Gainer 11-Jul-06
Programming Managed Add-In Improvements David Gainer 21-Jun-06
Programming 2007 Microsoft Office System Primary Interop Assemblies David Gainer 19-Jun-06
Programming Excel 2007 investments in UDFs #3: client/server solution using a core library Danny Khen 5-May-06
Programming Excel 2007 investments in UDFs #2: Existing UDFs Danny Khen 4-May-06
Programming Excel 2007 investments in UDFs #1 Danny Khen 4-May-06
Programming A Small Piece Of Pleasant News For Those Of Us That Write Code In Office, Plus Some More Screenshots … David Gainer 04-Apr-06
Programming Because You Want To, Not Because You Have To [Add-ins] Jensen Harris 27-Oct-05
Programming It All Adds Up [Add-ins] Jensen Harris 26-Oct-05
Rows/Columns Let's start with some "big" news   David Gainer 23-Sep-05
Tables Fun With Tables David Gainer 18-Jul-06
Tables Tables Part 5: Everything you wanted to know about sorting in Excel 12 David Gainer 2-Nov-05
Tables Tables Part 7: Good-looking, well-behaved table formatting made easy  David Gainer 7-Nov-05
Tables Tables Part 6: Removing duplicates from tables (and ranges) of data  David Gainer 4-Nov-05
Tables Tables Part 3: Using Formulas with Tables  David Gainer 28-Oct-05
Tables Tables Part 2: Stickiness, Structured Selection, And More David Gainer 27-Oct-05
Tables Tables Part 1: Working With Tables Of Data  David Gainer 25-Oct-05
Templates Templates, Templates David Gainer


User Interface Using RibbonX with C++ and ATL Eric Faller 8-Dec-06
User Interface RibbonX Image FAQ Eric Faller 27-Nov-06
User Interface Licensing the 2007 Microsoft Office User Interface Jensen Harris 27-Nov-06
User Interface Sander Viegers Rides Again Sander Viegers 12-Jul-06
User Interface Recently Used Items Jensen Harris 16-Aug-06
User Interface Meet Sander Viegers, Excel User Experience Designer Sander Viegers 12-Jul-06
User Interface Using the Command Well Jensen Harris 20-Jun-06
User Interface Introducing the Command Well Jensen Harris 19-Jun-06
User Interface Tools|Options -- the Rest David Gainer 24-May-06
User Interface Whatever happened to Tools|Options? David Gainer 22-May-06
User Interface Super Tooltips and Collapsing The Ribbon David Gainer 10-Mar-06
User Interface Excel 2007 - The Final Look, and more rows and columns David Gainer 9-Mar-06
User Interface Picture This: A New Look For Office Jensen Harris 9-Mar-06
User Interface Super Tooltips Jensen Harris 2-Dec-05
User Interface Making features easier to find and quicker to use David Gainer 2-Mar-06
User Interface You'll Know It When You See It [Live Preview] Jensen Harris 21-Nov-05
User Interface Grading on the Curve (Why the UI, Part 8) Jensen Harris 14-Nov-05
User Interface 1000 Card Pick-up [commands] Jensen Harris 10-Nov-05
User Interface Zoom, Zoom, Zoom Jensen Harris 9-Nov-05
User Interface For Sale By Owner [managing screen real-estate] Jensen Harris 8-Nov-05
User Interface No Distaste for Paste (Why the UI, Part 7) Jensen Harris 7-Nov-05
User Interface The Importance Of Labels [Ribbon] Jensen Harris 1-Nov-05
User Interface Inside Deep Thought (Why the UI, Part 6)  Jensen Harris 31-Oct-05
User Interface Tipping the Scale (Why the UI, Part 5)  Jensen Harris 24-Oct-05
User Interface More Than Just the Two-Way Mirror  [UI Research] Jensen Harris 21-Oct-05
User Interface A Disappearing Act [Ribbon] Jensen Harris 19-Oct-05
User Interface Scaling Up, Scaling Down  [Ribbon] Jensen Harris 18-Oct-05
User Interface New Rectangles to the Rescue? (Why the UI, Part 4)  Jensen Harris 17-Oct-05
User Interface Most People Are Not Trained In Geology  Jensen Harris 11-Oct-05
User Interface Combating the Perception of Bloat (Why the UI, Part 3)  Jensen Harris 10-Oct-05
User Interface Why is it called the Ribbon?  Jensen Harris 7-Oct-05
User Interface Saddle Up to the MiniBar  Jensen Harris 6-Oct-05
User Interface Thrown For a Loop  [Ribbon] Jensen Harris 5-Oct-05
User Interface Ye Olde Museum Of Office Past (Why the UI, Part 2)  Jensen Harris 3-Oct-05
User Interface What programs get the new Office UI?  Jensen Harris 30-Sep-05
User Interface Be Willing To Be Wrong  [Ribbon] Jensen Harris 29-Sep-05
User Interface Dialog Launchers  Jensen Harris 27-Sep-05
User Interface The Why of the New UI (Part 1)  Jensen Harris 26-Sep-05
User Interface Results-Oriented Design (Galleries: Part 3 of 3)  Jensen Harris 21-Sep-05
User Interface Visualize Whirled Peas (Galleries: Part 2 of 3)  Jensen Harris 20-Sep-05
User Interface I'm In Louvre! (Galleries: Part 1 of 3)  Jensen Harris 19-Sep-05
User Interface It's All About Context  Jensen Harris 16-Sep-05
User Interface Mythbusters: The Office 12 New UI  Jensen Harris 15-Sep-05
User Interface Enter the Ribbon  Jensen Harris 14-Sep-05
User Interface New Microsoft Office User Interface FAQs    13-Sep-05
User Interface The New Microsoft Office User Interface Overview    9-Mar-06
User Interface Office 12 New UI: The Cat's Out  Jensen Harris 13-Sep-05

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