Excel Gift Ideas

Gift ideas for the Excel user/computer geek in your life -- find the perfect present for your boss, or a departing co-worker, or someone special. Click on a picture to go to the sales page for that item.

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Excel Shirt

This "Mistrake Free" t-shirt is the perfect gift for an Excel expert who's perfect!

My Spreadsheets - Funny Office Sayimg T-Shirt
My Spreadsheets - Funny Office Sayimg T-Shirt
by accountingcelebrity

Pivot Table Shirt

Anyone who loves pivot tables would be proud to wear this t-shirt.

PivotTables Rule Tee
PivotTables Rule Tee
by OfficeFloorMeatballs

Pi Tie

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Behind the pi symbol on this tie, pi is calculated to the fiftieth decimal point. Awesome!

Pi To The 50th Decimal Tie

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Fun With Numbers

Everyone enjoys games that feature numbers and counting, right? Here are a few suggestions for fun with numbers.

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Mixed Numbers Wall Clock

If you love numbers, this is the clock for you. And with the jumble of numbers in this geek gadget' face, you can pretend it's any time that you want!

geek gadget clock

Victorinox SwissMemory 2 GB

The perfect Swiss Army tool for a computer user, has a 2 GB flash drive attachment, knife blade, nail file with screwdriver, scissors, key ring, LED mini-light, and retractable ballpoint pen. This geek gadget's not for your carry on bag when travelling though!

geek gadget flash drive

Programmable Coffee Maker

What could be a more perfect geek gadget for a programmer, than a programmable coffee maker?

Programmable Coffee Maker

Gordian Knot

Fun for your favourite mathematician.

Gordian KnotGordian Knot

Pirate Arithmetics

It's never too early to learn about numbers, and prepare for an exciting life with spreadsheets. An arithmetic game for children 4 and up, or pirates.

Pirate Arithmetics

Powers of 2 BCD Clock

This geek gadget's binary code shows what time it is. A great clock for a programmer.

Powers of 2 BCD Clock

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More Gift Ideas

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