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Excel Pivot Table Videos

Short videos show how to clear old items from a pivot table, change pivot table layout, and more tips.

pivot table running total by customer

Clear Old Items from a Pivot Table

If you change the data in the pivot table source, items that were previously in the source might be no longer included. For example, some employees might leave the company, and the names of their replacements would be entered in the source table.

This video tutorial shows how you can change a pivot table option to prevent the old items from appearing in the pivot table drop down lists, for Excel 2007.

For written instructions for this Excel tutorial, see: Change Retain Items Setting

Excel Pivot Table Layout

The default setting for pivot tables is to show all the row labels in the same column. You might prefer a different layout, with each row label was in a different column.

In this video tutorial, you'll see how to change the pivot table layout, so each Row Label is in a separate column.

Selecting Sections of a Pivot Table

You can use the Selection Arrow to highlight specific sections of a Pivot Table. Before the Selection Arrow can work correctly, you might have to turn on the Enable Selection feature.

In this video tutorial, you'll see how to enable selection and use the Selection Arrow. For written instructions, see: Pivot Table Selection

Add Running Totals to a Pivot Table

With running totals you can show accumulated amounts over time. For example, you could calculate company sales for the year, over all twelve months.

pivot table running total by customer

To show running totals, you'll use the Custom Calculation feature in Excel's pivot tables, as shown in this video tutorial.

For written instructions for this Excel tutorial, see: Pivot Tables -- Running Totals

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